Breaking Popular, Bad Habits!

Breaking Popular, Bad Habits!

If I am diabetic I don’t bother much about the food I eat. To control diabetes I take medicines.
If my BP is high I control it by taking drugs & continue my lifestyle of no exercise & uncontrolled eating.
I waste my time throughout the year, mug up before exams, & forget after exams.
I want things immediately hence I generally buy things on EMI.
I get tired of work/studies & relax by watching movies, or listening to songs.
When watching TV I enjoy drinking coke & eating chips.
The above are few examples of popular, bad habits. Long term ramifications of all these habits are not good.
Can we break these habits? Should we break these habits? What will be the long term ramifications of developing alternative good habits?

Breaking Popular, Bad Habits

As my Guru, Stephen Covey, states- habit formation requires knowledge- that is to know an alternative to the bad habit. It requires skill-that is to know how to break the habit. It also requires the desire to do so. It is important to realize that these habits cannot be broken unless we have the requisite motivation force, (desire) to do so. Hence we shall first analyze reasons to break these habits.

Lifestyle Ailments caused by Bad Habits

Health Issues- I spoke about diabetes, BP & we can also take obesity. These are lifestyle medical problems & not bacterial or viral diseases. Genuine treatment requires a change in lifestyle & not medication. If we had been living our lives in accordance with the principles of nature these problems may not have arisen in the first place! This is the truth. LIVING OUR LIVES IN HARMONY WITH NATURAL PRINCIPLES IS THE RIGHT WAY TO LIVE. IN THE LONG RUN ONLY THIS PRINCIPLE CAN SUCCEED.  All short cut approaches, drugs to overcome these problems without incorporating lifestyle changes, ‘sugar free’ foods, ‘diet cokes’, ‘fat burners’ &‘liposuction’ are bound to fail in the long run!  A balanced lifestyle of diet & exercise is a much superior & long term solution! It requires replacing our bad habits with good ones!

Mugging Up- Bad Habit

Mugging up before exams is another bad habit, which is totally against nature. If 3 months of mugging up were enough, then some wise person would have devised 3 months graduation courses, instead of 3 years!  The brain requires time to mature from that of an intermediate level to a graduate level. The exact time spent in reading & understanding the subjects is not the only relevant time. By short cutting this process, an individual is fooling himself/herself in the long run & no one else!

Buying things on EMI- Bad Habit

The ill impact of seeking immediate gratification was discussed in one of my earlier posts. Apart from developing an impatient character, this habit is against the principle of living within one’s earnings & saving a portion for the future. This kind of living will lead to depletion of funds, or not having any reserve of funds. The high rate of interest which will have to be paid in EMIs will regularly eat into the monthly earnings, thus preventing the creation of reserves for future as well. This bad habit will lead to financial difficulties in the long run.

Watching Long hours of TV- Bad Habit

Watching a limited amount of TV for recreation & knowledge is good. However, long hours spent in watching TV are harmful. Let us understand why. If you are a working professional, time spent on your work is your “productive time”. The principle of life is continuous growth.  This growth has to come through investment in enhancing your “production capacity”, by learning new skills, enhancing knowledge & so on. If practically all the time away from work is spent in watching TV, when do you invest in your growth?
Exercising, playing games, reading are great recreational activities which are far superior to watching TV. These activities keep us fitter, are better stress busters, & promote mental & physical well being. For a student time spent on studies is investment in “enhancing production capacity”. Even for a student the alternatives suggested are far superior.

Conclusion: Breaking Popular, Bad Habits

We should realize that living in the comfort zone of most of the popular bad habits prevents us from realizing our true potential and excelling in life. We must break these bad habits and embrace success in life by developing good habits!

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