BSF "Jawan’s" Allegation of Poor Food

BSF “Jawan’s” Allegation of Poor Food

The viral video of BSF “Jawan’s” allegation of poor food  has generated considerable discussion. I share my views on the subject to ensure better understanding of the issue in this blog titled,”BSF “Jawan’s” Allegation of Poor Food”:

  • Corruption: Corruption in equipment, ration, liquor, fuels & oils and contract works has existed since ages in all the 3 services, para-military forces and police forces from the level of procurement to reaching the final consumer. There is nothing alarming about this fact in India. We are like this only. It is likely to continue.
  • Unit Administration: A very important role is played by the commanding officer of a unit or sub-unit in ensuring that whatever ration is obtained (despite the corruption in the above chains) is managed well (without corruption) and “jawans” get their due. This involves the following actions:
  1. Constant pressurizing of the supplying agencies to ensure best supplies (getting absolutely correct authorized quality and quantity has never been possible!)
  2. Ensure almost zero pilferage of what has been obtained.
  3. Ensure good quality of food reaches the “jawan”.

Relevant Personal Experiences:

  • As a Commanding Officer of 23 PUNJAB ensuring that my “jawans”get their authorized quantity of raisins in high altitude area was a great challenge for me and took up a large part of my daily time. To the best of my knowledge “jawans” of no other unit in the vicinity ever got even a single raisin!
  • Incidents of pilferage of rations, liquor and fuel did take place in my command.
  • I failed to get the exact authorization of quality and quantity of rations for my command.
  • The feedback from “jawans” was that during my command they had the best possible food in their memory!

Final Word:BSF “Jawan’s” Allegation of Poor Food

This video will hopefully result in some good. To that extent the risk taken by the BSF “Jawan” may prove good for the forces. He will definitely have a tough time in whatever service that he is left with!
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