Choose to be Happy!

Choose to be Happy!

I have written blogs on motivation and several self- improvements in the past but did not write on the subject of happiness. The probable reason is that I did not find many students facing this problem. Now I have students who need this knowledge and hence I am writing this blog. The text is short but the meanings are deep. Please understand with deliberation. I hope this blog, “Choose to be Happy!” helps my students as well as others.

Never Center Happiness on Persons, Religion or Material Resources

Happiness is a very important emotion and we all must strive for everlasting happiness. We are tempted to center happiness on persons- like spouse, boy-friend, girl-friend, parents, boss, etc. If we do so, then we would work to please the center of happiness. This would not lead us to everlasting happiness because the center itself is susceptible to emotional variations and mood changes. So please do not do so. Similarly centering our happiness on material resources and even religion tends to take us on a path of unsatisfied greed and conflicts with people with differing philosophies and will not do us good in the long run.

Being Happy is a Choice

Being happy is a choice we can make freely. It does not have to depend upon the environment, circumstances or people. When we curse our teacher, boss, parent, spouse for making us miserable it is totally incorrect. The fault is ours. We have allowed others to make us miserable. This creates stress. Please do not do that.  Make a choice to be happy.

Happiness Does Not Lie at the End of Some Road

Please do not believe the thought, “Let me suffer for a few days, months or years because this suffering will bring me results which will be a cause of great happiness eventually. ” I see a large number of students leading a demotivated and cheerless life undergoing the agony of struggling to become engineers or doctors, for which they have no desire and are doing so only to please someone. This philosophy will cause you to lead a life of considerable misery. The eventual happiness is unlikely to come and with low motivation chances of success are also not high. If you enjoy the daily effort of working towards your goal the chances of success are much higher and you will be happy throughout the journey of preparation.

 Centering  Happiness on Principles

Center your happiness on your values and principles which are unchanging and will provide you long term happiness. It involves actions, work and decisions based not on making others happy or material gains but in accordance with your consciously and rationally thought principles.

Happiness Lies in Subordinating Impulses to Values

As a student you find your entire class watching a cricket match but you had planned to study at that time. Emotions and friends will tempt you to watch cricket with them. Please do not do so. Your values and rationality will tell you that it is the right thing to study. Please do so. This is an example of subordinating impulses to your values and being principle centered for happiness. Such small choices have to be made several times in a day. You have planned to exercise but your spouse wants you to accompany him/her to shop at that time. Please do not try to make your spouse happy by abandoning your planned activity. Stick to your plan. By adhering to your values you will become a more effective and happier person. When Virat Kohli made a choice to get fitter, he incorporated considerable discipline in his exercise and food habits. I am sure he would have often let down his friends by not partying with them at times. I am sure he is happier for the choices he made and the results are visible for the world to see!

Choose to be Happy!

Please make a choice to be happy and act accordingly. We all deserve to be happy. Our emotional and psychological state of being happy keeps our immunity, energy and productivity high.

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  1. Beautiful article. It remind me a statement of OSHO ” A man of consciousness responds and his responses are spontaneous. He is mirror like, he reflects whatsoever confronts him. And out of his spontaneity, out of this consciousness, a new kind of action is born. That action never creates any bondage. That action frees him”. And makes him HAPPY.

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