Clear Understanding is Essential for Job Selection

Clear Understanding is Essential for Job Selection

I have interviewed numerous mechanical engineers who do not understand simple machines, electronics and communication engineers who do not understand the Ohm’s Law, or the electromagnetic spectrum. Such candidates are generally not selectable because they lack clear understanding. In this blog we shall discuss why clear understanding is essential for any job selection.

Mechanical Engineer who has only some Idea about CRDI

There are several students whose knowledge is like of a doctor who understands 3 parts of the heart or an engineer who has some idea about CRDI technology. Now think will you ever take treatment from such a doctor? Do you think any automobile manufacturer will hire such an engineer? The answer is obviously no. This lack of knowledge is rationalised by students by offering an argument that actually they wanted to become Service officers or IAS officers and not work in an automobile company. Hence they were not motivated to learn what was taught sincerely. This argument is not convincing and it actually displays the following about the individual:

  • Reasoning ability of a low order.
  • Commitment of a low order.
  • A nature which comfortably accepts low standards of knowledge and performance form oneself.
  • This attitude will be unacceptable for selection in most organisations. It suggests that the individual is likely to continue with this casual attitude in his future as well.

If You are Similar to the Examples Discussed- Is there a Solution?

If your knowledge and sincerity is akin to the examples discussed then what should you do to become successful in life? The solution is as follows:

  • Please give up unrealistic dreams of becoming IAS/Service officers with the present attitude. Genuinely get convinced that no sensible organisation will hire you because you are incompetent as well as casual.
  • Start working hard and patiently to understand the basics of your line of study. Do not feel shy to get back to your 11th & 12th class books. Clarify your basic concepts totally and only then proceed ahead. There is no other way to success based on merit.
  • Once your basics become clear you will find it easier to understand later topics and rate of understanding and progress will improve.
  • As your knowledge improves, your attitude will also change positively and confidence rise. You will have become selectable like one of the main characters of “3 Idiots” who finally got a job!


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