Command Task: Choosing Subordinates

Command Task: Choosing Subordinates

When doing command task in GTO an aspirant is faced with a decision dilemma when it comes to choice of subordinates.

  • Should I choose subordinates based on friendship? This is often the reason for choice of subordinates. Sociability of subordinates is a criterion, but should it be the most important criterion?
  • Often regional and ethnic affiliations influence the choice. Should it be an important criterion?
  • Competence of the subordinates is sometimes an important criterion. Should it be the prime criterion?
  • One must feel an enhanced sense of confidence and comfort with the presence of subordinates. These are important criteria. How much importance should be given to these aspects?

Competence: Prime Criterion

On what criteria do you expect the PM to select the cabinet ministers, or Selectors to select the Indian teams? If you think deeply the answer will become clear to you that competence should be the main criterion. However, no selected person should have trouble creating tendencies, thus becoming dysfunctional for the group. If this principle is adopted then selection would be good, as also the performance of the group. India could have done well without Mamta Banerjee as Railways Minister in the past and Smriti Irani as HRD Minister now!

Aim of Commander

Aim of the commander is accomplishment of the task with greatest efficiency. If this is clear then there is no doubt that prime criterion for selection of subordinates should be competence in Command task. Choice of selection of subordinates displays a lot about the personality of a nominated Commander in test, hence choose subordinates sensibly.

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