Common Indian Youth Profile: Popular Recipe for Future Disaster

Common Indian Youth Profile: Popular Recipe for Future Disaster

A very common profile for a contemporary middle class, urban Indian youth is as follows:

  • 4 th Class: Start extra tuitions for Math.
  • 9th Class: Start extra tuitions for PCM & stop all sports and extracurricular activities.
  • 11th-12th: Stop all sports; increase extra tuitions for engineering and medical entrance tests; drastically cut down social interaction; zero domestic responsibilities; sleep not more than 5-6 hours; overweight and physically unfit.
  • After 12th: Fail to succeed in clearing any competitive exam. Take a drop of 1-2 years to ‘crack’ entrance tests & fail in these attempts. The performance remains at par with the first performance, confirming almost zero improvement after 2 years of work.
  • Do engineering from a private institute in 4 years, wasting considerable time, and becoming a certified engineer with PCM knowledge much worse than an above average student of Class 12!
  • Do not take up any job and waste another 1-2 years in trying to enhance some skills to increase chances of employment.

If your profile is somewhat like the above, or your child’s profile is somewhat like the above, then read carefully, this blog is meant for you!

Extra Tuition Classes before 10th Class

Extra tuition classes normally would mean two things:

  1. The child is unusually casual, or dependent, or the parents are being marks obsessed- 95% of cases.
  2. The child is unusually dumb – Less than 5% of cases.

By sending them to attend extra tuition classes parents are doing great disservice to the youth and setting them on the path of incompetence and diffidence in their future lives. For more details see my blog:

10th to 12th & Drop Year: Extra Tuitions, No Sports, No Extracurricular Activities, No Domestic Responsibilities

I have a student from rural background, Hindi medium schooling who cannot converse in English. He has to shoulder domestic business responsibility for at least 3-4 hours per day. He exercises regularly and also plays some games. He can neither afford, nor has time to attend extra tuition classes. He has cleared the NDA written exam, straight after his 12th Class which the above profile type urban youth will fail to clear ever in life. The youth who follow the profile being discussed develop the following personality weaknesses over 3-4 years:

  • Lack sense of responsibility expected of their age.
  • Disorganized lifestyle and lack of discipline.
  • Lack of motivation, energy or initiative to do most things by themselves and are accustomed to being pushed by parents, teachers, or extra tuition class teachers.
  • Develop traits of procrastination and wasting time.
  • Become inefficient in personal lives.
  • They become physically unfit and too soft natured to be selected for NDA/TES (Low willpower and determination).
  • They are generally inadequate in leadership qualities.
  • Incapable of working hard.

Four Years of Engineering and Further 1-2 Years in Further Studies

When the above profile youth reaches an engineering college and starts staying away from home, he gets the following environment:

  • Disinterested and often incompetent faculty.
  • Freedom from being pushed by parents.
  • Company of incompetent and time wasting type colleagues.

In this environment the youth wastes further time and learns little. Now he becomes a hard core time waster- this habit gets strongly ingrained over 5-6 years. He has great comfort in the fact that his colleagues are also equally incompetent!  The story continues of further time wastage in life.

Solutions for Parents & Children

Please realize that this profile is an ideal recipe for wasting money, time and launch of a disastrous career. It saddens me to note that numerous youth, with complete support of their parents, follow this profile pattern. Please be warned that the earlier you break this profile the better off you, or your child would be. The following guidelines should help to break this profile at any stage.

  • No extra tuitions till 10th.
  • Minimal extra tuition classes in 11th & 12th and only if advised by school.
  • Children must share domestic responsibilities and participate in sports and extracurricular activities.
  • The concept of drop year results in practically no improvement in 95% cases, hence it should not be done.
  • If your child is poor in Math, (below 60% marks in 12th) it makes sense for him not to pursue engineering, but some other line.
  • If you are a youth of the stated profile and are doing engineering then please start working very hard to learn your basics of PCM in whichever semester you are in. The reason is simple because you do not know the basics of 12th Class PCM. Till such time as you do not know this you are unlikely to get a decent job as an engineer. After learning this, learn the essentials of your core subject, in which you are likely to get employment.
  • If you have some interest in IT then please make efforts to train yourself for a career in IT, irrespective of your branch of engineering. This is because IT has the maximum jobs in India and the field pays well. The situation will continue in the future as well. This a safe bet. I know of several extremely incompetent young people who are able to earn a decent livelihood in the IT sector. They would have found it very difficult to get employment in any other field.
  • Please do not start wasting time even after engineering to learn some further skills. You have wasted enough money of your parents and are a burden on the society despite having the productive energy of youth. Strive hard to get employment immediately.
  • Do not join the ranks of those wasting time and money preparing for civil services after having become an incompetent engineer, who no organization is willing to hire!


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