Common Questions about No Frills Academy

Common Questions about No Frills Academy

Q1. Can working professionals take out time for my guidance?
A1. My guidance is suited to their needs. We interact at timings convenient to them.
Q2. Can busy students take my guidance?
A2. Very much yes! My guidance does not interfere with routine life of any student, or working professional. It actually helps. It helps a person become more effective as a student, or worker.
Q3. How is SSB training possible without doing mock GTO, Psychology & Interview tests?
A3. SSB assesses all round personality of a candidate. I focus on improving that. It is a misconception among aspirants, supported by coaching academies, that repetitive practice of these tests is required. A GTO does not assess a candidate’s ability to handle a plank, a log, or a rope. He assesses the personality by using these tools, & several other tools, just like the other assessors. Hence I focus on PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT & NOT SSB TESTS! A MISCONCEPTION REMAINS A MISCONCEPTION EVEN IF EVERYONE THINKS SO!
Q4. How guidance is possible without face to face contact?
A4. It is very much possible. The idea is relatively new to our society. It has great advantages of convenience of time & duration.
Q5. How often do I interact with a student?
A5. I have no fixed plan. Interaction periodicity & duration depends upon the unique needs of each student. Guidance plan is tailored to meet individual needs.
Q6. Will students require coaching & tuitions, apart from my guidance?
A6. In general tuitions & coaching classes are not beneficial for students in their long term interests. Hence I do not recommend them. In case there is some serious problem which can be solved by coaching/tuition, then I will advise a student to take it for a specified duration only.

Q7. Why my method is better than any coaching academy?

A7. It is better for the following reasons:

                A   Time of 6 months, or 3 months is realistic to improve personality weaknesses. In 15 days it is not possible to improve any such weakness. The basic premise of coaching academies is thus false.
                B  It is a systematic plan to enhance personal effectiveness, with the assumption that SSB clearance will be facilitated. Coaching academies teach behaviour manipulation, which is bound to fail.


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