Common Questions in SSB Interview

 Common Questions in SSB Interview

In SSB interview candidates are often asked the following or similar questions:

  • Who are your close friends? Why do you consider them close?
  • Are there some friends that you do not like much? For what reasons?
  • Who are you closest to at home? Why?
  • Who was your favourite teacher? Why?
  • Which teacher you did not like much? Why?
  • What things you dislike about your parents?

Misconceptions Created in Environment

As for most things associated with the SSB Interview, a lot many misconceptions exist in the environment. These are generally as follows:

  • “Do not tell anything negative about your parents, teachers and friends because it will go against you!”
  • “These are tricky questions asked with the aim to trap you, hence get out of them diplomatically without making any adverse remark about anyone!”

Why such Questions are Asked in SSB Interview?

All aspirants must be clear that the  SSB interview is meant to assess you and not your parents/teachers/brother/sister. Answers to these questions reveal the following about your personality qualities:

  • The favourite teacher was a favourite because of certain qualities demonstrated that you would have imbibed or would like to imbibe in your nature.
  • Similarly you are close to someone in the family because of trust developed in the person because of certain qualities that you value in others.
  • There will always be some good qualities in your parents and teachers that you appreciate and would like to inculcate in your nature. Similarly there would be certain negative qualities in your parents and teachers that you have disliked and would not like to adopt in your nature.

 Answering such Questions in SSB Interview

  • Such questions are not tricky and do not require any diplomatic approach. Even if Gandhiji’s son was asked about his negative qualities, then his son would rightly list out several qualities which he would definitely not like to adopt in his nature. Any mature individual would find positive and negative qualities in people he/she has been close to, or in any case qualities that he would like to inculcate/ not inculcate in his behaviour.
  • So please answer such questions freely to express the qualities you have found worth emulating and those that you would rather not inculcate in your nature. It is as simple as that. It is your assessment. This is the right approach to answering such questions in SSB interview.


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