Cope with Studies and Work Stress

Cope with Studies and Work Stress

We are well aware of the suicides of students owing to stress as also young high achieving professionals being killed by work stress. It is a serious problem. Let us analyze the problem and seek solutions to resolve it.

Understanding Stress

Stress can be positive as well as negative. When we perceive a threat, our nervous system responds by releasing adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones rouse the body for emergency action. Our heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens, senses become sharper. These physical changes speed up our reaction time, and enhance our focus.
Positive stress makes us perform well. Most of us have experienced the ‘exam night’ effort. This is positive stress. It makes us stay alert, focused and energized. This response can save our lives in emergencies. However we cannot and should not study each night like it is the ‘exam night’
Negative stress is often not well identified. Identification is vital for parents, colleagues, teachers and seniors at work place. In most cases the symptoms must be noticed by others because the individual has failed to cope with the situation. The symptoms may be apparent as a cluster and have to be understood in context of the past behaviour of the individual.

Cognitive Symptoms
  • Memory of the individual is impaired and he is unable to concentrate (‘going blank’).
  • Individual is constantly worrying and getting negative thoughts.
Emotional Symptoms
  • Individual feels overwhelmed, irritable and depressed.
Physical Symptoms
  • Individual may experience aches and pains, diarrhoea, rapid heartbeat and nausea.
Behavioural Symptoms
  • Individual may over eat, or stop eating, take drugs, become disinterested and indifferent and avoid company.

Preventive Measures

  • Keep your heart strong. A marathon runner has a pulse rate at rest of about 40 beats per minute. An average adult is supposed to have it at 72 beats per minute. The unfit students and workers today have a pulse rate in 80s. Their heart in routine life is running in ‘6th gear’. Their tolerance for stress is very low (not much scope for increasing the heart rate!). To improve cardio fitness regular aerobic exercise is required.
  • Balanced lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle implies 6-8 hours of sleep, regular intake of food and water, avoidance of drugs and stimulants and reasonable work hours ( not exceeding 10-12 hours per day).
  • Do not be a stupid parent/ boss/ teacher. Stupid parents and bosses kill their children and subordinates. If you are one, please watch out for the above stated symptoms in your children, students, or employees and correct your behaviour.
  • “Happiness is to be found in daily life and does not lie at the end of a painful journey.”

    This is a universal truth. Please do not teach your children, students, or employees anything else, which is false! If you have such a parent, teacher, or boss, then pardon his ignorance and lead the life as per the truth and enjoy each day!

  • Live life as per your goals and priorities and not as per those determined by someone else. (It includes parents, bosses, spouse and friends).
  • Do not let stress cross the threshold from positive to negative in your as well as other’s lives!


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  1. This is very useful and important one for me sir. Since I am in negative side of stress, I have to develop my self.

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