Can Creativity be Learnt?

Can Creativity be Learnt?

Society generally considers creativity to be a quality individuals are born with. It is a quality which is generally associated with artists, musicians and writers. In this blog, ‘Can Creativity be Learnt?‘ we will try to understand the vast benefits of creative thought. Understand the various barriers which hamper creativity and realize as to how we can make ourselves, our children and organisations more creative.

Understanding Creativity and Applicability

Creativity is about finding new and worthwhile ways of solving problems and approaching situations. It is a useful skill for people from all walks of life. Let us see some examples:

  • Designing of a wheel was a creative idea.
  • Transplant of human organs is a creative idea.
  • Designing Velcro is a creative idea.
  • Dhoni’s Helicopter shot is a creative idea.
  • Use of social media by ‘Facebook’ is a creative idea.
  • Ford’s assembly line concept is a creative idea.

Creative ideas should not only be new, but have to be worthwhile. The failed Indian government schemes, seeped in corruption and inefficiency should not be considered as worthwhile creative ideas for poverty eradication and social upliftment, but creative ideas for making money through corrupt means and staying in power!
Ladies keep coming up with creative ideas to cook and manage children. We keep evolving ways to enhance our work efficiency by multi tasking. Creativity has great utility in all walks of life. We must endeavour to enhance our creative muscles. Let us understand what barriers hamper development of our creative muscles.

Family/ Organisational Barriers to Creative Thinking

Family, school or organisational culture can be restrictive for creativity. Let us see what these barriers are.

  • Very rigid and strict environment is not conducive for creative thinking.
  • Harsh criticism and sarcastic comments by family elders, school teachers and organisational leaders create barriers to creative thinking.
  • Requirement to meet strict deadlines and adherence to strict standard operating procedures hamper creativity.

Individual Barriers to Creative Thinking

  • Lack of confidence.
  • Family/school/ organisational upbringing.
  • Living in a world of ‘yes & no answers’, rote learning and not questioning authority.
Promoting Creative Thinking in Children/ School/ Organisation
  • Listen to ideas of children at home/school.
  • Do not create a restrictive environment at workplace. Cultures to be emulated are of organizations like- “3 M”, “Google” & “Facebook”.
  • It must be noted that a culture of ill discipline, no sense of time, lack of planning are not conducive to creative thinking and only create inefficiency. Creativity also needs guidance and planning.


Enhancing Individual Creative Thinking

  • We should realize that creative answers and solutions to problems will lie in the domain of wrong answer to objective type questions, in questioning authority and accepted social or organizational norms.
  • Developing confidence and enhancing risk taking will enhance creative thinking.
  • We need to develop courage to think and act differently from the accepted norms.
  • We should play individual and group games and train our creativity by trying to outthink the opposition.
  • Enjoy the joy of learning and education and not feel pressurised by exams and deadlines.
  • We should train our creative muscles by trying to enhance our efficiency in daily life.
  • Creative ideas are often ‘ideas stolen’ from one field of life applied to another. Having diverse interests and hobbies help improve creative thinking.


Please use the above ideas to enhance your creative thinking and promote creative thought at home, school and organizations.

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