Credibility of Indian Education System

Credibility of Indian Education System

In 2011 I interviewed one engineer from South India, for SSB who had scored 100/100 in all 3-PCM in 12th board exam. Interestingly in my assessment he emerged as having ‘reasoning ability’ which was below acceptable level! I also had the opportunity to interview a candidate who taught in an engineering college. In less than 10 minutes I started pitying the fate of students of the college, because the individual was so pathetic! Recently I had a detailed talk with a potential student from North India who had an aggregate percentage of over 85% in 12th and had begun preparation for Civil Services. He desired to attend SSB of TES just for the sake of experience and not join. He was overconfident of being selected. He was staying in a rented place in a town near his village. His father was a poor farmer and had not even done 10th. He was thus the most educated person in his family. His family had great hopes in him. Even he considered himself highly competent.  It took me less than 10 minutes to realize that this boy was so incompetent that he had the potential of wasting his family’s hard earned money for 4-5 years and then would struggle to land some  low level clerical assignment by paying a suitably bribe! I spoke with his guardian and advised him to explain to his father that getting him to work at the farm and pursue his studies from the village would be a more productive and sensible option for the family!
These samples are by no means isolated cases. They clearly indicate that the marks being gifted to students in Indian education system are not a true indicator of capability. Our certificates and degrees are losing value internationally at a fast pace.

How to Restore the eroding Credibility?

The problem is acute when a sample 100 percent scorer is a case of low IQ! We have to start working seriously on the problem at the national level. The problem needs resolution from the top and will take 10-15 years. Unfortunately Smriti Irani is the wrong person expected to bring about any useful change, because she, with her fake degree, is an example of the corrupted, inefficient system which cannot be respected internationally!

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