Develop Proactive Nature

Develop Proactive Nature

To progress in life we need to be proactive. The journey of self improvement often involves moving from being reactive to proactive. This blog guides us in a  very simple manner on how to develop our proactive nature.

First Step to Develop Proactive Nature

When we make a promise to ourselves and keep it, we take the first step towards development of our proactive nature. We can set daily or weekly targets in various spheres of our lives and attain them. Being able to achieve targets set for the first week has been critical in the process of self improvement for most of my students. This week gave them the confidence and self belief to attain their monthly targets. It improved their self discipline. Their planned schedules faced hindrances like family and health issues, reversion to old comfort zone of unplanned living or fatigue. These hindrances did not deter them from losing their sense of organized living and discipline. This is the first crucial step in our journey from reactive to proactive.

Step by Step Process to Develop Proactive Nature

By this simple step by step process we can improve our self control, sense of responsibility and consequently self confidence. This is how we become proactive. We find ourselves in greater control of our lives, being driven more by our values and much lesser by others and our impulses. A value driven student will find it easy to concentrate on his studies (a target set by him/her) while all his/her friends are enjoying watching an Indian Premier League match! A value driven working professional will find it convenient to exercise regularly, or invest in his growth while his colleagues waste their free time in amusement and gossip. Sustained living in this manner for a few weeks and months makes us more responsible in our lives (proactive). We will not even realize how this step by step, evolutionary growth, will have a revolutionary impact on our lives! Our personalities would have improved dramatically in facets like willpower, determination, mental and physical stamina. These qualities set us on the path of sustained growth and long term success in our lives. This is a simple way to develop  proactive nature.
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