Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings (CSK) lifted the IPL title for the fourth time. Dhoni has been one of the most successful captains in the field of sports in the world. He is my favourite sports leader. For all those aspiring to be good leaders here is my list of qualities that make Dhoni a great leader worthy of emulation:

1.    Job Skill. Dhoni is still one of the best wicket-keepers in the world. During his prime, he was also a very dominating batsman. His Cricketing brain is also among the best in the world.

2.    No Ego Issues. Success often goes to our heads. Dhoni has been more successful than most. You will hardly find any display of ego or arrogance in him. Just recall as to how he allowed Tendulkar to hog the limelight after winning the One Day World Cup or as to how he was an effective guide for Virat Kohli when the latter was the Captain.

3.    Developing Talent. Dhoni has encouraged numerous young Cricketers to blossom into world-class athletes.

4.    Calming Influence. Difficulties will always come in the careers of leaders. Dhoni has had his share of difficulties and losses, be it the field of Cricket or the allegations and banning of CSK. Through all these, Dhoni has maintained his calm and as a leader has always been a calming influence on his team and people around him.

5.    Rational and Wise Decisions. With his calm demeanor, great understanding of the game, Dhoni has often taken very good decisions to get success for the teams he has led.

6.    Not Ruffled by Setbacks. Last year CSK performed very poorly. It was ridiculed and received remarks like, “Dad’s Army” because the average age of CSK was above 30 years. Dhoni did not panic and maintained faith in his playing style as well as players.

7.    Self-belief. Dhoni has tremendous self-belief in himself, his methods and also trusts his players despite setbacks. The self-belief permeates to the entire team which has given them continued success.

8.    Team cohesion. Dhoni has created a relaxed environment of trust and built great cohesion in the teams he has led.

I can go on writing at length in praise of Dhoni. It would, however, be an injustice to the great man, who believes in keeping things simple and brief. I am thus inspired to do likewise. I request the readers to please learn a thing or two about leadership from Dhoni.

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