Difference Between Leadership and Management

Difference Between Leadership and Management

Management and Leadership

Difference Between Leadership and Management–Management & leadership are two terms which have been studied & debated a lot. There are long definitions, which tend to reduce clarity. We have a very crisp & clear definition from Peter F Drucker-

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”.

We shall take this definition to progress our discussion to study the applicability at the individual level, in accordance with the teachings of Stephen Covey.
Management is the bottom line focus, or efficiency focus- conversion of input into output with least losses, or maximum gains. Leadership is the top line focus of whether we are doing the correct things or not. Leadership comes first & management afterwards.

Let us understand the difference at an organizational level:

Bajaj was the renowned maker of “Hamara Bajaj” scooter. The management focus would have been to improve the kpl, looks, marketing, etc of the scooter to stay ahead, or match the competitors. It is the leadership focus which made Bajaj decide to stop making scooters entirely & focus only on motorcycles!

Let us see this at an individual level:

One of the main characters in the film, “3 Idiots” was inclined to become a wild life photographer, but the environment had forced him to reluctantly pursue engineering. Managerial focus on his part would have led him to study hard, score good marks & become a successful engineer. Leadership focus took him to pursue his dream of becoming a wild life photographer!

Leadership in our personal lives should guide us to decide what we should do with our lives; identify the unique contribution that we have to make to the society. Thereafter management is important to do whatever we do, we do it well!
We should realize that leadership in personal lives is very important & difficult. However, if leadership is correct, managing personal lives is easier, because our heart is there in what we are doing! So please choose your career with great deliberation. Correct choice will make a long 30-40 years career easier!
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