I remember during childhood my uncle asked me what would I become when I grow up.

I used to say that I would become a soldier. He would laugh at my answer. Joining forces was my childhood dream. When I was in class 10th my interest in English literature grew and I wanted to become a writer. In class 12th I wanted to become a scientist. After 12th I joined an engineering college to become an engineer and I had become overweight. I was in the second year of my college and I saw many young guys running they were preparing for Army. Seeing them run reminded me of my childhood dream. I started running with them. Since then running became a part of my life and I ran almost everyday. I came to know about CDS in my college days. In my first attempt apart I could hardly answer any question of GS. Speaking English fluently was also a problem. I started reading newspapers to improve my English and I did not stop reading Newspapers until now. Luckily I got a college placement and I was placed in Accenture, an IT company. I joined there as I did not have any other option. But I kept giving AFCAT, and CDS exams following which I started appearing in SSB. For the first three SSBs(Two AFCAT, one SSC TECH) I attended I was screened out.

Meanwhile, I decided to switch companies as I was not learning anything in Accenture though it was an MNC. I moved to Bengaluru and a small IT company when there was a good opportunity to enhance my IT skills. Then I appeared the SSB through CDS entry. I got screened in but was not recommended. It was in March 2020 just before the pandemic started. I googled about SSB preparation online. I saw good reviews about No Frills Academy. I reached out and I availed myself of six months guidance program. I got to talk to Nehru Sir and I said that I would be able to pay the complete fee as I was the only bread earner of my family. Sir’s reply won my heart. Sir’s reply was “you pay whatever you can afford.” The following day I had my first interview with sir and then wrote some assessments. After my assessments, sir told me there were various areas I needed to improve. My daily routine was not good. Sir told me to be competent in life. For the first time in my life I felt I have a mentor who can guide me. This one statement thing hit me hard. I had found a mentor who spoke the truth despite criticisms. I started working on myself. I joined the whats App group where we used to group discussion on current affairs, lecturrete and did ppdt sessions which helped me a lot to improve myself and it gave me friends for a lifetime. I also started taking my job very seriously. I worked hard to do well in my job. I improved my relationships with my manager, and colleagues. I started enjoying life. I kept appearing in SSBs but could not get recommended. I excelled in my job.  I got a good salary hike during the pandemic when there were layoffs. I also applied for SSC CPO 2019 exam. I was able to clear the Preliminary exam.

I was selected for physical. But due to the pandemic, there was information about the physical test. However, I was always prepared as running was part of my life. Suddenly SSC announced the physical dates and within a week physical was to be conducted. It took everyone by surprise. I was ready as always. Just one day before the physical I was returning from my office late at night on my bicycle. I met with an accident that night and I was grievously injured. I cleared my physical despite being grievously injured. I shared my story on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIgIutLsi1Q. Following this, I appeared in Mains, Medicals, and Document Verification
Meanwhile, I was doing good in my software development. I decided to switch companies to increase my package. I got a package of 22 LPA in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a software developer. I got a more than a 200% hike. The final list of CPO 2019 also came on Jan 31 2022 and I got SI in CRPF. But I joined my new company on March 7 2022 thinking that I would be able to make a lot of money until the joining letter comes as SSC is known for its delay. Life in my new company was royal. I received my first salary as 1 lack 39 thousand in my account. All my life I had struggled for money. My parents were more than happy when I transferred 90 thousand rupees to my father’s account.

But suddenly CRPF started dispatching the joining letter. My parents and many friends wanted me to continue with my current company. I also got in a dilemma with it. I thought hard about this. My heart wanted me to join CRPF. I listened to my heart. And I decided to join the CRPF. But I was not receiving my joining letter and I could not resign until I had the joining letter. Finally, the joining letter came and I got only 19 days to join the CRPF. I resigned from my company. But I had to serve a minimum of two months’ notice period or I would have to pay. I talked to HR about my situation but to no avail. I had to pay them 1 lack 11 thousand rupees. I asked them If I could pay in two installments. I promised them I would complete the installments. I gave them my first installment of 56  thousand rupees on my last day. I was relieved from my services from Commonwealth Bank.  I joined my group center CRPF Rangareddy on May 12. Now here am I in the 6th week of training in CTC Coimbatore. I am enjoying my training every bit of it. I am living a dream life but at the same time, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I could have easily not paid the second installment. My mother insisted I pay as I had promised. I paid the second installment following which they gave the relieving letter. I am so happy I had the strength to take that decision.


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