Does Sweating cause Weight Loss?

Does Sweating cause Weight Loss?

Since my days in NDA I have been seeing people trying to lose weight by sweating. In NDA, boxers used to wear overall, and several layers of jerseys during exercise to reduce weight. These boxers checked their weight immediately after the exercise and found that they had lost weight. There was thus reason to continue utilizing the method in future as well. Today I see young boys and girls using the same method. They wear track suit and run on tread mill and produce copious sweat. Once they check their weight it is found to have reduced. This unhealthy and stupid practice is so universally common that I thought to write about it.

Why We Sweat?

Sweat is the body’s reflex response to warm climate, exercise, humidity and spicy food. By sweating the body is trying to cool itself. When we sweat we lose primarily water, salt and other stuff, just the same as we excrete through urine.

Does Sweating cause Weight Loss?

Weight loss occurs by sweating in the form of lost water, or dehydration. Hence if we check our weight after considerable sweating, without drinking any water, we would have lost weight equivalent to that of the sweat produced. We have to make up this loss of water at the earliest by drinking plenty of water. The genuine weight loss would occur because of the calories burnt through exercise and not due to sweat.

Fat Reduction from Chosen Parts of Body

Several contraptions( tummy trimmer) are sold in the market which induce sweating from desired body parts by covering them up and then heating them, or rubbing them vigorously to produce sweat. These are a total fraud! There is no way in which one can lose fat only from a specific area. Body stores fat as per its tendency. Exercising will cause fat reduction. It will, however, be from everywhere, the desired parts as well as the undesired parts.

Why Excessive Sweating is Unhealthy?

Excessive sweating causes dehydration and can cause BP to dip and body to cramp. This can be dangerous.


Using excessive sweating to lose weight is an unhealthy and stupid practice. It should not be done. All products advertising their ability to induce fat reduction from specific body parts are a fraud and people using them are wasting money and time! These are popular because of the short cuts desiring society. Fat reduction requires regular planned exercise along with planned diet and will take time. There are no short cuts!

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