Don’t Get Demoralized by Screening Out!

Don’t Get Demoralized by Screening Out!

The process of screening test makes the candidates nervous. They have reasons to be apprehensive. A large number of SSB aspirants get demoralized by getting screened out. Getting screened out should not demoralize candidates. In this blog, “Don’t Get Demoralized by Screening Out!” I have tried to explain the reasons as to why defence aspirants should not take this setback as a serious negative judgement about their personalities.

Screening Process is Not Highly Reliable

While the complete SSB process is a highly reliable and most respected comprehensive personality test in India, the screening process is not a highly reliable process. In simple words it means that sometimes candidates who should have been screened in are screened out and vice-versa. This happens because the test is not a comprehensive test of personality. If it had been so then the Defence Services would have used this process alone for selecting candidates in SSB. It would have saved great amount of time, effort and public funds. Let us analyze the weaknesses.

Weaknesses of Screening Process of SSB

  • Oral Communication and Confidence. The duration of PPDT is short, level of nervousness considerable and confusion because of shouting quite high. In this brief time an individual who can communicate well in English and has a good level of confidence has an undue advantage in PPDT. These qualities are relevant even otherwise. However, their impact on the screening process is higher than desirable.
  • OIR Test. A candidate who has done considerable practice of OIR test would be able to score higher marks than another candidate with equivalent capability, thus increasing his chances of being screened in.

GTO Groups Influence Number Screened in

All SSB repeaters would know that GTO groups have 8-10 candidates. This figure is important for SSB in deciding the number of candidates being screened in. Some examples will explain the issue better:

  • In case only 10 candidates report for an entry then there are chances of all being screened in or only 2 being screened out, so as to ensure that one batch of GTO is made.
  • In case 40 candidates report and the SSB has 3 GTOs available then the maximum screened in number could be 30 & minimum would be 24.
  • In case 200 candidates report and the SSB has 3 GTOs available then the maximum screened in number would still be 30, or other means (which are difficult) adopted like taking help from neighbouring board, posting of additional GTOs and so on.

From the above examples it would be clear that a SSB can only test a finite number of candidates. The large number of candidates reporting, particularly for the entries in which there is no written test, led to the introduction of the screening process. This process was not there earlier, when I appeared for SSB in 1978.
Hence if you get screened out in a scenario where 300 reported and only 30 got screened in then you should not be demoralized at all and understand the administrative constraints of SSB.

SSBs Try Best to Screen in Maximum Number

Despite the administrative constraints SSBs try their best to screen in as many  best possible candidates as they can manage. All the assessors collectively analyze and decide on the number and individuals being screened in after a mini conference.

SSBs Face Great Work Pressure

SSBs work 365 days in an year and have no concept of Sunday as a holiday in a week, or ‘Holi’ or ‘Diwali’ as holidays. We just get short board breaks. The day we have conference of one batch is a lean day in that in the evening the next batch reports. Considering these problems of SSBs,  candidates should not get demoralized at being screened out.
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  1. Sir i saw your video on youtube….The video is on how to prepare for ssb ….It was the very good videos ….It very much inspired me & clear many doubt about the ssb interview.

  2. Sir I really appreciate you for the kind of effort you are putting in to help those who are seriously in need of it. There is no doubt that clearing ssb is Herculean task , but guidance that you are providing will definitely help those aspiring to be an officers. I am also defence aspirant . Looking forward for career in army.

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