Don’t Outshout in PPDT!

Don’t Outshout in PPDT!

It is common practice for SSB repeaters to try and outshout each other in group discussion stage of PPDT. This is not a sensible practice. By doing so a candidate not only lowers his chances of success but that of others as well. In this blog, “Don’t Outshout in PPDT!” I have explained as to why candidates should not outshout in PPDT.

Outlook of Outshouting

The practice of outshouting in PPDT displays a “scarcity mentality”. Possession/display of this outlook lowers chances of selection. In simple words it displays the following qualities about the individual who is trying to outshout others:

  • Lack of self confidence.
  • Sense of insecurity.
  • Poor team spirit.

Majority of the candidates who outshout  display the outlook:
“Let me be unsuccessful but I will make others also fail along with me!”
To learn more about the subject please follow the link given below:
This outlook is unsuited for teamwork required in most organizations and definitely defense services. Hence the correct outlook is of ‘abundance mentality’ which is very good for teamwork.

What you should Do?

Your outlook should be of a person confident of selection. With this outlook there would be no tendency on your part to join in the ‘fish market’ environment created. Please stay calm, confident and speak few sensible points when opportunity presents. Do not repeat your points and allow others to speak as well. The outlook should be:
“Entire group should perform well and along with them I should also be successful”.
Some SSB veterans may tell you that if you do not force your way then you will not be able to speak at all. Please do not believe this nonsense. Just stay calm. You will definitely get opportunities to speak.

Understand Another Perspective

Screening process can be assumed to comprise of 100 marks. Division of marks:

Individual Aspects:
  • OIR- 25%
  • PPDT story- 25%
  • Narration of story- 25%
Group Behavior

Discussion: 25%
Thus when you come to the discussion stage 75% of the assessment is already over & only your group behavior is being assessed. Your ability to get along with the group as well as ability to influence the group is being assessed. By shouting you only display poor group behavior.

Example of Success in “Fish-Market” Situation

One of my students in this situation only spoke one sentence. He said this:
“Gentlemen let us not shout but try to build a consensus story”
Once he said this there was a pause. He then added, ” I think consensus can be built around —– theme”
He was screened in!

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