English Language in India

English language in India is not spoken by the majority. It is learned in schools. It is spoken in schools to the extent insisted upon by the schools. Major reasons for weak language are enumerated below:

  • CBSE & several state boards do not promote, or demand good quality of knowledge in English.
  • Quality of English teachers is low even in urban areas. The quality of teachers in rural areas is extremely poor.
  • There is an obsession with Math & Science & extra tuition classes. The culture of leisure reading of English books does not exist anymore among students.
  • Vocabulary in Popular Culture. The current generation has evolved a vocabulary & SMS language, which is quite different from conventional English. The generation thus finds it difficult to write conventional English.
  • Poor English in Media. The quality of English is poor in the media. Often students try to improve their language through reading news. When the mode chosen to improve English is weak the results have to be bad.
  • Writing in any language is an art. The youth manages to communicate orally in English, but preparing comprehensive reports, or writing are rarely practiced. Examinations tend to be objective type, involving no written expression. The society by & large feels that Math & Science are “The Subjects” & other subjects are to be taken casually. This casualness reflects in poor English expression.
 Knowledge Impacts Employability

Employability & salary are positively impacted by English knowledge in India across a wide spectrum of jobs from lower to higher end. Thus English knowledge is important even in purely Indian conditions. Once interaction with foreigners is involved the value of English language rises.


  • Encourage children to read English books in leisure time. Please allow them leisure time.
  • Do not get obsessed with Math & Science & extra tuition classes. Please remember that quantity of time devoted to these subjects will not make a commensurate increase in competence in the subjects.
  • Schools should give due attention to languages & students should be made to write essays & précis.

Watch this video to listen to some common questions on improving English and my responses!

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