English is Key to Success in Professional Life

English is Key to Success in Professional  Life

English is the global language and has made its position secure in medicine, science, arts, commerce, trade, international negotiations, technological studies and much more. Realizing that English is key to success in professional life, competitive exams give it due importance.

Multiplier Effect of  English in Competitive Exams

The multiplier effect of English will be explained with an example. Candidate A and B take the same competitive exam. Both have equal knowledge. A has good expression while B has weak expression. Apart from the English paper, A will continue to score 2-3 marks more than B in all essay type questions, irrespective of the subject. In case an exam has 10 questions then A would have scored 25-30 marks more than B! This shows that English is Key to Success in Professional  Life 

Cumulative Effect in Life
  • I read somewhere that performance in IAS entrance exam depends more than 80% on English expression and less than 20% on knowledge.
  • A lawyer friend told me that even a junior, struggling lawyer knows the legal position in a case as well as the top most lawyers. The difference lies primarily in clear and forceful expression. Thus 80% of success is dependent upon English expression and not knowledge of law!
  • The same analogy can be found in the corporate world as also other professions. Thus proving that English is Key to Success in Professional  Life.

English in SSB

Speaking in English is not mandatory in SSB. You are allowed to speak in Hindi. While speaking in English in case you get stuck for a word or words it is advisable to shift to Hindi. However, importance of English is high. The reasons are enumerated:

  • Written tests are all in English. Considerable amount of writing is involved in the “Psychology Test”. In case your spellings and grammar is poor then this sole reason will cause your rejection.
  • Poor communication in English lowers your confidence in front of the group in GTO tasks and during “Personal Interview”.
  • English is the language of the Defence Services. It is essential for professional advancement, interaction with the civil administration and in joint operations with foreign forces. Selectors have to consider this aspect in SSB.

Thus you must be able to speak and write correct English. Please do not bother about your accent and hand-writing. These issues hardly matter.

Lessons for Students and Professionals

English expression is very important and will continue to be so in determining your success in life. Hence it is never too early, or too late to start devoting efforts to improve English expression.
My virtual academy offers good scope for improving written English expression greatly. I can teach you ways to improve your essay writing on any topic by correcting your written submissions within 48 hours once you enrol as my student.

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  1. Yes, truly said.
    The views on this topic should be different for many. And why not we are trailing for an Indian force, not US air force. We have a clearly different set of languages spoken in each state. But from childhood, not Hindi English is our learning language and Hindi is our spoken language. These two clearly mixes each other and forms hindilish.
    I believe if you are confident with your speech and ideas this will be no barrier and you will clearly show your knowledge on the topic.
    At last, you struggle with English also but you have clearly stated your point.
    That what matters.

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