Exam Obsession

Exam Obsession

The obsession with obtaining marks rather than genuine capability has extended to the obsession with exams. In terminal exams of even junior classes the trend has become of giving preparatory leave to mug up & a picnic to celebrate, post the agony of exams!
Neither is preparatory leave warranted, nor any rejoicing thereafter, because exams should be taken as a routine to periodically check assimilation & that is all.

Exam Obsession: Solution

Parents should reduce this obsession & encourage schools also to do so.
Students should get used to a healthy lifestyle of regular exercising, games & studies. This lifestyle should be continued during exams as well, preferably even the (so considered) “all important” board exams.
Every parent, teacher & student should know the truth,
“In life what is important is what you remember after the exam & not what you mug up for exam!” & that
“Balanced lifestyle will lead to better performance in exams, rather than by being obsessed with exams!”

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