Extra Tuition Classes in India

 Extra Tuition Classes in India

I see my neighbourhood kids attending extra tuition classes from first class onwards! By 7th or 8th class most of the students are attending extra tuition classes. Before 10th over 90% of students are taking extra tuition classes in India. Before 12th board exams majority of the students are in need of extra tuition classes. This is the prevalent culture today. Let us analyse the damage being caused to the Indian society by extra tuition classes.

Extra Tuition Classes are akin to Drug Addiction

Like people get addicted to drugs,  extra tuition classes have a similar effect on the society. People start taking drugs to forget their difficulties and then get addicted. It becomes very difficult to leave the drug on which you have become dependent. Indian children have become dependent on extra tuition classes like a drug. They find it difficult to cope with studies without them. Education should make a person stronger and self reliant. This culture is making the students weak and dependent with lowered self confidence.

Extra Tuition Classes Lower Cognitive Abilities

Mental muscles can be considered akin to physical muscles and need to be strained to grow.  Only when a child is forced to think his mental muscles will grow. This culture of extra tuition classes does not allow the children to think and solve problems. The syllabus till 10th class is so easy that no extra tuition classes should be required. When children get habituated to taking support when it is not needed, their cognitive abilities do not grow at the pace that they should. Hence by the time the students reach 12th (when the degree of difficulty of studies has actually increased), they are unable to cope with the studies because of their stunted cognitive abilities. They are now forced to seek help of extra tuition classes!

Extra Tuition Classes Hamper All Round Development

Since children are spending large amount of time only studying they devote little time to sports and extracurricular activities. This hampers all round development.

Extra Tuition Classes Take Away the Joy of Learning

Learning is a joyful experience. Indian children struggle through the burdensome school and extra tuitions cheerlessly. They seek release from the pressure and tension in the pleasure of computer games. This sedentary activity makes them unhealthy.


Extra tuition classes before 10th class are harming the children in following ways:

  • Lowering cognitive abilities.
  • Making them dependent, thus lowering self reliance and self confidence.
  • Hampering all round development.
  • Making them lose interest in studies.
  • Promoting them to seek pleasure in computer games, rather than outdoor activities.

The above listed are reasons enough to stop this culture in India to have a more competent, self reliant and confident ‘youngistaan’!

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