Fat Loss Tips For Girls And Boys

Fat Loss Tips For Girls And Boys

Why Aerobics Sometimes Fail?

Fat loss is an important goal for most people. In this part we shall analyze the exercises to affect fat loss. I have seen girls running for up to 40 mins on treadmill at good speed & not lose fat! This is a very common flaw in the exercise plan. Often gym instructors are blame worthy for propagating exaggerated focus on aerobics to effect weight loss. The trainee feels psychologically, that since there is so much of sweating taking place then ‘fat is being burnt’ & it is quite tiring & satisfying. These are the flaws in this training method:
a                Body gets used to same type of exercising & benefits begin to reduce after 15-20 days.
b            Muscle mass is hardly increased because aerobic exercises develop slow twitch( red) muscle fibers & not fast twitch (white) fibers. Slow twitch fibers are thinner.

How can Aerobics be modified for Better Results?

Aerobic exercises can be modified to get better results as follows:
a              Increase variety- use a mixture of  treadmill, cycle, step board, cross trainer & park running.
b             Vary intensity- use high intensity interval training rather than a steady pace. This will give great results. A WORD OF CAUTION- IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.

Mix Anaerobic ( Strength building) Exercises with Aerobics

It will be sensible to mix anaerobic exercises with aerobics to increase muscle mass. Increased muscle mass will not only make the person stronger, but also leaner. Body composition will change from having greater fat mass to greater muscle mass. This will provide a great advantage in burning calories. Muscles consume greater calories even at rest! Please note: Strength building requires using weight/resistance of a level that not more than 12 repetitions are possible for upper body exercises & 15 repetitions for leg exercises. Using lesser resistance implies endurance building.   Using 500 gm & one kg dumbbells (very popular with Gym instructors for girls) does not build strength. It is almost a waste of time!

Use Cross fitness Training

Cross fitness training programs can be easily prepared & modified. These include a mixture of 3-5 exercises, including aerobic, strength & even plyometrics performed in a sequence (using different muscle groups) without rest. E.g: 20 secs for each exercise in sequence- skipping, then sit ups & push ups (do maximum number & keep your record to check progress).

Two Exercise Sessions in a Day

Post exercise our metabolic rate gets raised & we continue to expend more calories than when we are at rest for considerable time. Thus, if a 40 min exercise session is split into 2×20 min sessions spread at different times of the day then the calories burnt would be much more than one single session.

CONCLUSION:  Fat Loss Tips For Girls And Boys

With proper diet & incorporating the above exercise tips in our  plan we can achieve our desired goals. We have to eat smart (not less) & exercise smart (& often not more!).
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