Fat Reduction Diet Plan

Fat Reduction Diet Plan

I know many people who exercise regularly with the prime purpose of losing fat (particularly girls) & exert quite hard & yet do not seem to lose fat. It is quite demoralizing & quite a few give up because desired results are not visible. This post is primarily written for such viewers. There has to be something which is not being done correctly. I will analyze the aspects which could be going wrong & hope that the affected persons can discern the problem area & rectify training & diet plan to benefit. In this part we shall analyze the diet. 

 Calories Intake/ Expenditure

For weight reduction to take place, calories consumed must be less than calories burnt. Since there is no fat reduction, it implies that consumption of food & calories burnt are probably in equilibrium. This state has to be broken. This is the first thing which an individual should check & try to rectify, if possible.

 Unhealthy Foods

Let us understand what are unhealthy foods? Large number of food items comes in this category. The lesser such food items are consumed the better, & healthier. Here is a list:
a. Beverages: Alcohol, beer, soft drinks, juices (packed & fresh). Over consumption of tea/coffee.
b. Processed foods.
c. Fast foods (particularly fried).
d. Sweets, cookies & biscuits.
e. Non homemade meals.

 Number of Meals

Often people who are trying to reduce eat less number of meals. This is a big mistake because it causes reduction in metabolic rate, lowered blood sugar & cravings for sweet foods (often tea, coffee & biscuits). It is good to have 6 meals in a day. This ensures good energy & blood sugar levels & a high metabolic rate & facilitates fat reduction.

 Alkaline Foods, Proteins & Hydration

We should consume greater quantities of alkaline foods, proteins & water for good health & reduce fat.

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