Once my SC Course ended I was posted to 23 PUNJAB. I went to 20 PUNJAB for just one day. 20 PUNJAB was deployed in Kandi-Budhal areas of J & K for CT operations. In a difficult area life was difficult. For me it was going to be a big change-I was leaving the unit in which I grew as a 2Lt since the date of commissioning in Dec 82, after spending 16 years minus the tenures at NDA as a Capt and Kohima as a Maj.

We have to move on in life. There were three of us of the same year seniority in 20 PUNJAB, Bhawani, Kaul & I. I was the junior most and moved to 23 PUNJAB, Kaul moved to 17 PUNJAB and Bhawani went on to command 20 PUNJAB. Exporting two COs to two battalions in the regiment was a matter of pride for 20 PUNJAB.

Despite the short time at hand 20 PUNJAB arranged my dining out and a befitting farewell. This culture of camaraderie is the essence of units in the Indian Army in general and Infantry in particular. I will always be a proud Infantryman.

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