A shoulder injury in March had derailed my fitness plans. However, I kept running and training the core muscles. In August I reached a state where I could serve overhead in Tennis and things got back on track. The biggest achievement till Dec end has been that I have not been injured. An acute Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency had kept me in almost perpetual pain in the lower back and had affected my leg strength as well. Taking the supplements helped improve this problem and I restarted doing half-squats with weights in August after almost 4 years.

I set the following goals for myself:

Event        Level in Aug        Target Set Year End                   Target Achieved

5 km            30 min                  Below 26 min                           27 min

Half-squat    30 kg                    100 kg                                      90 kg

Bench-press    40 kg                     80 kg                                    80 kg

Pull-ups            zero                    10 with 10 kg weight           10 without weight

Weight            74 kg                      76 kg                                   75 kg

Remaining injury free has been a very good feeling. The targets I now have set for 31 March are:

5 km:  Below 26 min

Half squat: 120 kg

Bench-press: 100 kg

Pull-ups: 10 with 10 kg

Weight: 76 kg.

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