Forced Patriotism!

Forced Patriotism!

Recently the Supreme Court has ordered that National Anthem be played before all movie shows. This order has come at a time when the BJP government is pursuing an agenda of promoting their perceived brand of “Nationalism” and “Patriotism”. Mansha shares her views on the topic in this guest blog titled ” Forced Patriotism“.

National Anthem

Every citizen of this country has a right to express his or her patriotism in whatever manner he or she likes. Patriotism is not something which we can be infused in somebody by moral policing or judicial orders. It should not be dictated to somebody that in what form a person should demonstrate his patriotism towards his country. There is a very thin line of difference between patriotism and jingoism and this space should not be crossed no matter what. Patriotism is a feeling which should be cherished in whichever manner a person feels. The order appears akin to a parent ordering a child:
“Every time we meet, you should say: I love and respect you Dad!”

Forced Patriotism- Not Welcome!

I beg to differ with the opinion of the Apex Court and fail to understand that how the singing of National Anthem before a movie could inculcate the spirit of Nationalism or Patriotism in anyone’s mind. The Honorable Court should have come up with something by which it would have been mandatory for everybody to understand the meaning of National Anthem before singing it and to also reflect on the ideals contained in it. The order to keep all the doors of the cinema hall closed when the National Anthem is being played shows utter disregard towards the safety of people when seen in the light of the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court itself to the cinema-owners in Delhi including a strict order not to close doors at any time while a show is on. (Uphaar Tragedy Case).
Now as far as the primary purpose of any cinema hall is concerned, it is Entertainment. When I go to watch a Sunny Leone movie all I want is Entertainment. Playing of National Anthem prior to such movies is apparently out of place, while it may appear in order before a “Border” or “Gadar”.
The symbolic order of Forced Patriotism! is apparently quite annoying and overly dramatic.
My views expressed above have nothing to do with my patriotism. I am as patriotic, or more than the Supreme Court judges or the “pseudo nationalist” politicians.
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  1. Very rightly said i really appreciate your view but i beg to oppose little in some points:
    1. Supreme court ordered to play the national anthem before the screening not ‘sing’ .
    2.Yes you may say that it is ‘Forced Patriotism!’ but from childhood we have sung national anthem in our assemblies at school regardless of our understanding, only because of the reason that we learn it, as it is our indianess to mug up things it has exactly been done by supreme court because films are watched by the people who have never gone to school or vice versa, so to reach a maximum audience this step is very nice according to me.
    3.Practically speaking we are emotional beings, so making everyone stand in the cinema hall while national anthem is played will suerly instill a feeling of respect on all as it is repeated everytime when one goes to a cinema hall.

  2. As a comment I would like just add one my own life experience…..when I started my job in Delhi metro in training institute we have to start our day by singing a song ” yatni shakti hame Dena data” ….in the beginning we where like…we are grown ups now we don’t need such stuff….it’s forced…it’s a school thing…etc… but soon I realized that its actually a good thing..and gives you good start for your day…I think same kind of reaction will be felt by most of the people in cinema too.

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