No Frills Academy – Answers to 10 Frequently Asked Questions

No Frills Academy – Answers to 10 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a batch system for coaching?

Answer: No Frills Academy does not have any batch system. Guidance is provided to each individual based on his/her needs.

  1. Is guidance provided for all three techniques of SSB?

Answer: Yes, guidance is provided for Psychology tests, GTO and Interview.

  1. How is No Frills Academy different from all the other coaching academies?

Answer: All other coaching academies run 15 days capsule coaching & focus on SSB process & teach how to manipulate behaviour. No Frills Academy focuses on the candidate to genuinely improve the personality.

  1. Are there any contact classes?

Answer: For locals of Meerut No Frills Academy provision for interaction on regular basis. For non locals guidance is only online.

  1. When should I join the program?

Answer: The earlier you join the better because the guidance will help you improve the core aspects of your personality. This will be beneficial for any exam, work life, health and fitness & whatever you are doing.

  1. Does the guidance program interfere with routine student, or work life?

Answer: No, No Frills Academy guidance program helps you to become more effective in whatever you do. It does not interfere with your routine at all.

  1. How is guidance for GTO tests possible without the tasks, obstacles, etc?

Answer: GTO is a test of personality observed through performance in a group. No Frills Academy trains a candidate for success in GTO tests.

  1. Why is No Frills Academy ideal for working professionals & women?

Answer: Guidance is available online to you at home at time of your convenience. It is hence most convenient.

  1. Why No Frills Academy has guidance program for 3/6 months?

Answer: Experience shows that improving facets of personality is not possible in a capsule program. Hence we have a longer program to obtain genuine results.

  1. What is the best approach to benefit from the guidance?

Answer: Understand the points explained at No Frills Academy  about assessment & guidelines given for improvement & adhere to the plan made & you will be successful!

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