No Frills Academy- SSB TRAINING / SSB COACHING / SSB INTERVIEWS / Personality Development Coach

No Frills Academy- SSB TRAINING / SSB COACHING / SSB INTERVIEWS / Personality Development Coach

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Modern society is increasingly seeking short cuts & manipulating way to success.

 The approach is bound to fail in the long run in life.

It is impossible to manipulate our way to better health, make us good parents & better colleagues at work place!

Genuine improvement in us can be effected only by genuine effort! There are no short-cuts! Self improvement involves inculcating new, desirable habits & eradicating old, undesirable ones. This requires effort, patience & perseverance.

 The benefits are tremendous, as dividends accrue in all facets of our life.
No frills academy provides guidance for the following:

I have a 6 months guidance plan & for those having very little time a short 3 months plan. This is unlike the coaching academies approach of 10-15 days capsule coaching which focuses on the SSB process and tries to teach ways to manipulate your way to success. This more often than not fails.

My approach is to assess an individual first. Share this knowledge with him and then make practical plans to overcome the weaknesses over a period of time. Since each individual has unique weaknesses and needs  I follow no batch system.

Guidance is tailored to the unique needs of each student. The timings for interaction, written submissions and discussing plans for future are kept to suit individual needs. My guidance program is ideal for women and working professionals.

Proactive behaviour is an essential ingredient of my guidance method.  I do no spoon feeding. Details about my method are given on the website.

I do not assure SSB clearance. To all students who are sincere about improving themselves I guarantee improvement with systematic guidance. Please read my blogs. You will find them useful.

IAS Guidance

I guide IAS aspirants in the same spirit. The focus is more on improving general knowledge and written English.

Rather than trying to know a little about a lot we try to insinuate the idea of understanding the genesis of problems and international relations.

We clarify some foundation ideas about international relations and politics: Like

“There are no permanent friends or enemies, but only permanent vested interests”.

In international relations:

“War is just pursuit of diplomacy by other means!”

You cannot understand the reason for an action by a country without knowing the background of past motives and history of consistent behaviour.

Aspirants would find my blogs on general topics of value. I guide aspirants to write with clarity and brevity and arrange their thoughts systematically with a sense of priority. I correct their written work in accordance with these principles.
Fitness Guidance

I have been a fitness and sports enthusiast all my life. This has given me tremendous benefits. I offer professional advice on matters of health & fitness. This advice comes free to anyone who subscribes for any type of my guidance. In fact it is an essential part of our holistic lives.

For seekers of guidance in the subject I devise plans for a healthier life considering the unique demands of work and environment.
Career Enhancement

At whatever stage of life we are there is an essential need to invest in our personal growth. There are ever so many professionals who focus their entire efforts towards increasing their production by daily effort.

This is a flawed approach.

Enhancing personal & interpersonal skills is vital for career advancement.

Effective time management, setting and accomplishing personal goals, developing a clear perception about concepts of leadership and management in our practical daily lives is  vital for success. I help professionals in systematic career enhancement.
Effective Parenting

Our marks obsessed and extra tuition classes oriented youth with little focus on sports & extracurricular activities is a result of poor parenting.

The youth getting accustomed to being spoon fed and having no confidence to handle difficulties and a sense of independence are also deficiencies which children owe to their parents.

Living with difficulties and sleeping over unsolved problems is an essential food for mental growth, independence and confidence.

If you solve all your child’s problems, he will forever remain a child. Don’t do this!

Parents will find some of my blogs useful.

I guide parents to develop healthy, independent, confident and competent children.

Thank you for your patience!

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