Why No Frills Academy?

Why No Frills Academy?

No Frills Academy offers great benefits for personality development. Personality development is very important for the youth to enhance their employability and promotion prospects. SSB aspirants, like others, are able to effect holistic improvement in them, particularly their weak areas, which greatly enhance their chances of selection. In this blog I have explained the unique benefits of No Frills Academy guidance.

Shortcomings of Existing SSB Coaching Academies


  1. Their concept is superficial manipulation of behaviour, without any focus on core personality development, to clear SSB, WHICH HAS A MARGINAL POSITIVE IMPACT ON SELECTION & MAY EVEN HAVE A NEGATIVE IMPACT.
  2. They conduct mock SSB, which has little benefit.
  3. Candidates tend to lose their sense of pro-activity & assign responsibility for selection to the coaching academy.
  4. Staff at coaching academies is experienced in the field of personality assessment & not personality development, WHICH INDUCES THEM TO SUGGEST MANIPULATION OF BEHAVIOUR.
  5. They follow a batch system which does not cater to individual weaknesses.
  6. Weaknesses are not communicated to individuals.
  7. Time is inadequate to improve core personality weaknesses.

 Concept of No Frills Academy Guidance

Concept. Focus is on improvement of core personality aspects (reasoning, analyzing & organizing abilities, social aspects, leadership aspects, willpower, and determination, mental & physical stamina) with the assumption that improvement in behaviour will automatically follow. Chances of clearing SSB will improve.
No Short cuts. Effective personality development often involves forming some good habits & eradicating bad habits. This requires perseverance & deliberate effort. There are no short cuts.
Proactive Role of Individual. Role of the individual is much more important for personality development than that of the guide. Enhanced personal effectiveness will provide all round benefits in career as well as life.
Customized Guidance. Since requirements of each student are unique, guidance is one-on-one & not in batches, unlike other coaching academies.

Advantages of No Frills Academy

Convenient. Guidance is available online/skype/ phone call at timings convenient to the student. This makes No Frills Academy ideal for women and working professionals.
No time wastage. Since guidance is received at home there is no travel time involved; there is no requirement to stay at an academy.
Enhanced Personal Effectiveness. Focus is on candidate proactively improving his/her personality.
Personalized Guidance. Guidance is customized to the unique needs of each individual.
Adequate Time. Since guidance duration is from 1 to 6 months, time is realistic to effect genuine improvement in personality.

Contact Details

Tele/Mob: 01212643332/8859992227

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  1. nicely written sir , may i ask a question related to the individual personality of mine !!
    sir i have an inferiority complex kind of an attitude and i starts judging people and my colleagues also when something happens around , this creates a bubble in my mind which i could not come out from

    • It will be inappropriate for me to diagnose your problem based on your description of the problem. It is suggested that you take my guidance for proper diagnosis & overcoming your problems.

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