No Frills Academy-2016 Round Up

No Frills Academy-2016 Round Up

2016 was an year of considerable success for students of No Frills Academy and me too personally. A brief update is given below.


  • Shubham Mehta, the first student of No Frills Academy completed 2 years of training under TES. His younger brother is due to become my student soon.
  • Yuvarajan moved to Singapore in the IT Sector, earning a salary of nearly Rs 2 lacs per month & gave up ideas of joining the Defence Services.
  • Aviral Bharadwaj, my website designer, became an entrepreneur and started his own company.
  • Arushi Goel got placed in her choice company after engineering.
  • Arpit Chauhan is continuing his training at OTA and struggling with the fitness tests. Please note the reason why I insist on fitness standards.
  • Abhishek Rath got choice placement before completion of his MBA.
  • Deepak Rana has got well placed before completing his MBA.
  • Amit Balhara got placed in a good company in Pune.
  • Vikram was selected by SG Sports and is working with my son.
  • SSB Clearance: In addition to the students whose blogs have been written, Priyanka Deo, Vivek and Gaurav Manhas have also cleared and their blogs will be published soon. Mansha has not contacted me. I am confident that she would have cleared and would be going through her medical tests.


Personal Front

  • My son qualified CA and has been working with SG Sports and is working to establish an apparel line- “Maxxport”. His success once again proved that you do not need to be a book- worm to get academic success.
  • My wife became the part of a group which entered the Guiness Book of World Records by making the longest painting by numbers in the World in Meerut on 14 Nov 2016.
  • Self: My students’ performance reflects my performance. This was good. My Tennis performance was good. Particularly satisfying were two lost finals in the 35-45 age category in doubles at my age of 56 years. I am well prepared for the 2017 season.


I hope 2017 will be better than 2016! BSNL and UP Electricity Department, the two government agencies on which I have to depend, performed very poorly causing hardships and loss of productivity. I hope they prove better in 2017!

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