No Frills Academy’s Views on Psychology Tests in SSB

No Frills Academy’s Views on Psychology Tests in SSB

Views expressed by some coaching academies, past psychologists in SSB and aspirants sharing views have created some misconceptions and considerable confusion for my students and SSB aspirants. In this blog, No Frills Academy’s Views on Psychology Tests in SSB” I am trying to dispel some of the confusion for the benefit of SSB aspirants.

In Psychology Tests there is no Ideal Solution

There is no ideal solution to psychology tests. The correct response for an individual is to be in accordance with his/her nature. Even if you manipulate the experts will be able to assess your true, consistent nature by studying your responses holistically. Manipulation can work only if it is consistent across the complete series of psychology tests.

In Psychology Tests (TAT) You Need to Create a Crisis and then Solve it

I did not even know that such a ridiculous idea existed. However, since several of my students write such stories and attribute this thought to some past SSB expert psychologist I believe it. This is simply stupid! Please do not create a crisis situation in the past when you see a pleasant or neutral situation in TAT. This will definitely indicate negative thoughts to the assessor!

In Psychology Tests how some basic Qualities become Clear?
  • Your expression displays your competence at English.
  • X writes, “ Sharat Chander depended upon his land to grow crops to earn his living.”  Y writes, “Ram was a farmer.” Who do you think is more intelligent in expressing the same thing?
  • X writes, “My parents consider me a responsible individual. My parents think that I am a helpful human being.” Y writes, “My parents know that I am responsible and helpful.” Who do you think is more intelligent and confident?
  • X is able to attempt only 30 SRTs and Y attempts 55. Who do you think has better mental stamina and speed of decision making?


How Some Common SRTs in Psychology Tests Display your Traits?
  • SRT about Snake. Majority of snakes are non poisonous. They help us reduce the number of rats. Snakes do not attack us. A sensible candidate will not get alarmed by a snake and allow it to go, unharmed.
  • SRT about Losing something. A positive and alert person will hope for the best and act fast to quickly find it.
  • SRT about carrying cash- fear of dacoits. In urban life if you carry cash in public transport, or in your car, who knows that you are doing so? Where is the problem? A positive person will not visualize any problem.
  • SRT about being caught driving without helmet. In such a situation in normal life in Meerut an average person will try to apologise/bribe his way through. A sensible aspirant will not give this as a response. You are being selected to become an officer and leader of men. You are expected to be disciplined and law abiding. The only sensible response is to pay the fine; take receipt (to prevent the traffic policeman also from using it as bribe!) and always wear helmet in future.
Conclusion: No Frills Academy’s Views on Psychology Tests

In this blog, “No Frills Academy’s Views on Psychology Tests in SSB” I have tried to remove some confusion. If you find it useful, then please share it with friends!

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