Get out of your Comfort Zone!

Get out of your Comfort Zone!

What is “comfort zone”? A set pattern of life & behavior without any alterations is “comfort zone”.
Almost all of us fall in the trap of getting into comfort zones, advertently or inadvertently.
Why getting into a “comfort zone” is bad? Apart from some lifestyle good habits like getting up early, exercising regularly, having regular & timely meals, regular reading & regular & timely sleep, getting into “comfort zone” is a sure way to stagnate. It is against the principle of life, which is progress!

Change is Principle of Life

Change & variety is better for both mental & physical growth vis-à-vis living in “comfort zone”.
If you eat exactly the same food you will become deficient in some nutrients.
If you exercise in exactly the same way, cardio-vascular & muscle strength will stagnate.
If you read similar subjects every day your mental growth will stagnate.
Let us take the story of two classmates & neighbors, Karan & Hari to understand the subject better.

Long Term Benefits of Adopting Variety in Life

Karan is a very obedient son, a bookworm, focused only on text books, plays no sports & has been a class topper since 1st to 12th.  Despite getting good marks in Math, he takes regular tuition for the subject, primarily to overcome his diffidence as regards the subject. Hari is an all rounder, very fond of sports, considers tuition a waste time, very clear in understanding the subjects taught, reads fast & understands fast. He reads fiction as well books about sports & autobiographies of his favorite sports stars. He thrives on challenges offered by sports & gets more motivated to excel, if beaten by a stronger opponent. He is able to obtain a rank among the top 10 in class. His parents remain apprehensive about his future & tell him to emulate Karan. He just laughs off the comparison. Karan spends his life in comfort zone, while Hari thrives on variety in life!
At the age of 40 one of them is full of energy & a top business leader, while the other is an average worker in his office. Please guess which one is Karan & which one is Hari? Who do you want to become?


If you want to become Hari, then play sports, take risks, get used to people laughing at you when you fall in play, or make silly mistakes when learning new things. Have several hobbies & read a variety of subjects. Enjoy challenges & get energized by competing with more competent persons in sports & academic fields. After being defeated, take pride in having done your best & accepting that people can be better than you!
Aamir Khan never repeats a role played once. He thrives on variety! He is the finest actor of Bollywood!

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