Guide for Beginner and Intermediate level Runners

Guide for Beginner and Intermediate level Runners

Large number of my students is not used to regular running. To benefit them & others in a similar state I am writing some tips:

  • Train on alternate days. This allows body time to recover from the exertion. Everyday training will yield poorer results because of over training.
  • For the first 30-60 days do not train for speed. Run at a convenient pace. Try to build up the duration of run to about 30 min nonstop, irrespective of the distance covered.
  • Once the body is trained to cover 4.5 to 5 km comfortably, nonstop, you have reached the stage for the next level of training. Till then have patience & perseverance. It is vital not to get injured.
  • After reaching this stage incorporate once a week interval training to build speed. Interval training would mean running at 80% of peak pace for distances varying from

(Distance in meters x number of repetitions, with 2-3 min recovery time to regain breath) 150 x 8, 200 x 8, 400 x 6, 600 x 6, 800 x 4.

  • Once you can run 400 m below 70 sec & 1600 m below 6 min incorporate once a week jumping & bounding exercises, called plyometrics in your training to further improve speed.
  • Do not try to run more than 8 km at a stretch, unless you desire to train for 10km, half marathon & full marathon.
  • Continue to train on alternate days only.
  • Once you can run 400 m below 65 sec & 1600 m below 5:30 min, you can be considered an intermediate level runner.
  • For further progress plan a training regimen under expert guidance.
  • Continue to train on alternate days, unless advised otherwise by coach.
  • One hour before run eat a light snack, like a banana.
  • Whenever training session is longer than one hour carry water & electoral to replenish loss of water & salt.
  • At levels 2 & 3 watch your protein intake. It should be between 1 to 1.5 gm per kg of body weight.
  • At levels 2 & 3 have a light protein & carbohydrate combined snack within 30 min post training (E.g. Slice with peanut butter).
  • Keep well hydrated.


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