Gujarat Ordinance for 10% Quota for EBC among Upper Castes

Gujarat Ordinance for 10% Quota for EBC among Upper Castes

Tarun Singh has analysed the topic very well. Please read his views:

10% Quota for EBC Unconstitutional & Impractical

The EBC quota is unconstitutional in nature according to Article 16(1) of the Constitution. There is no provision for providing quota on the basis of economic condition. In the Constitution, education and social background are the only criteria while poverty is not mentioned. Secondly the limit of 6 lakh P.A or Rs 50000 per month is highly impractical. Any family having such annual income cannot be considered for reservation considering that 21.9 % of India’s population is BPL. This is just a ploy of the state government to calm down the ‘Patidars’ demanding OBC quota.

Quota Politics Means Bad Governance

BJP state governments of Haryana and Rajasthan have also taken similar steps. This type of quota should be given only to the BPL or poor economic classes of the state irrespective of their caste. However, this has not been considered as a viable option by the government in order to safeguard their vote bank.
These actions will inspire goons and unemployed youth to adopt violence to pressurise government to initiate such unconstitutional acts. This is an unhealthy trend. Law and order will be mocked again and again in such situations as seen in all the three states.

Quota Politics: Prognosis

It is apparent that the state governments will tell their vote banks that they want to give them quotas but the Supreme Court is not accepting it. The BJP governments are leaving the unpleasant task of upholding the constitution to the Judiciary. Such acts will continue to further lower the already low moral standing of the political leaders in India. This quota politics is further evidence of the spineless nature of Indian politicians.

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