Gurdaspur Terrorists' Attack-Pakistani Generals want perpetual War

Gurdaspur Terrorists’ Attack-Pakistani Generals want perpetual War

The latest strike by suspect Pakistani terrorists in Gurdaspur on 27 Jul 2015, soon after talks between Nawaz Sharif and Modi is a repetition of a familiar script. Whenever the Pakistani civilian leadership makes peace overtures the Army backed terrorists strike and cross border firing is intensified to aggravate tension. We witnessed this in the form of  Gurdaspur Terrorists’ attack. Let us analyse the reason for this repetitive story.

Pakistani Generals are Addicted to Power and Status

The Pakistan Army dictates foreign policy. The social status and power wielded by Pakistani Army generals is practically unmatched anywhere in the world. Retired Army generals lead luxurious aristocratic lives.  Pakistani Army Generals have to just promote India hatred to secure their future. Hence there is great incentive to do so! Thus they will continue to to launch strikes akin to Gurdaspur Terrorists’ attack.

What will happen to Pakistani Generals if  terrorists’ attacks  stop? 

India and Pakistan will develop friendly relations in the next 50, or 100 years. When this happens, what will be the status of Pakistani Army? They will no longer appear to be the saviours of Pakistan. Without facing an external threat why would the public respect the Army? The Army will no longer be able to dictate the foreign policy. Pakistani generals will retire to lead lives akin to other government servants. They will lose their preeminent status in the country. Friendly relations with India pose this threat to the identity of Pakistani generals. Thus they will continue to launch operations like the Gurdaspur terrorists’ attack to guard their selfish interests. Thus Pakistani generals need permanent enmity with India!

Why Pakistani Army will fail to ensure perpetual war with India?

The game being played by the Pakistani Army generals will become clear to the people of Pakistan and they will fail in perpetuating enmity with India. The reasons are given below:

  • Pakistani population cannot be fooled perpetually by the Pakistani Army generals.
  • The junior officers will get influenced by the civil society.
  • Pakistanis will realize the truth of how the country was shamed by the Army in Bangladesh and in Kargil.
  • Advancements in education, impact of the social media and people to people interaction with Indians and other foreigners will clarify the truth.
  • The strength of the people to people relations between India and Pakistan sharing historical and cultural ties is so strong that it will overcome the artificially created enmity by the Pakistani Army in due course of time.
  • Pakistanis will know that the generals were never saviours of Pakistan, but have only been guarding their selfish interests by undertaking terrorists’ attacks in India!

News Highlights- Terror attack in Gurdaspur

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