How Small Changes In Habits Can Transform Our Lives ?

How Small Changes In Habits Can Transform Our Lives ?

How Small Changes In Habits Can Transform Our Lives ?—To understand the topic well we will take two examples: one example of inculcating a good habit & other of giving up a bad habit.

Good Habit: Not Wasting Time

You are habituated to wasting time in the company of others- idle gossip, at home, at work place, or college. It is a fun & popular activity. You one day decide that you will not waste your time, but utilize it productively. So what you will do? You will have more time to improve your knowledge about your work, or studies, or related fields, or general knowledge- anything that interests you. Since we are talking of a small change it would mean that your habit would have improved only by about 50-60%. Still consider over one year how much more competent you would have become?

Bad Habit: Procrastination

You habitually postpone things out of sheer laziness. You decide to give up this habit. Once again I assume that you are only partially successful. Just imagine the additional productive work you will get done in one year!
We all know this. It is difficult to make a start. Don’t wait for New Year, start now! Be patient; don’t feel overly guilty when you revert to old pattern of behavior; be persistent & determined & see how much you can gain by these small changes in habits!

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