How to improve Life in Manipur?

How to improve Life in Manipur?

In the previous blog we analyzed the problems. In this blog we shall discuss how to improve life in Manipur?


The problem is political. It needs a political solution. Security forces and pumping in central funds has failed to resolve the problem. The survival of insurgency clearly indicates popular support to the insurgents’ cause. Improved relations with Bangladesh have ended safe havens in the country. Safe havens exist in the sparsely populated regions of Myanmar. India is able to conduct operations with the cooperation of the government. It will be unrealistic to expect Myanmar government to act against the insurgents unilaterally. The following actions will bring an end to insurgency in 15-20 years:

  • Improve the economy by enhancing self reliance of the state and not by influx of central funds.
  • Improving education, particularly in the hilly regions.
  • Ending racial discrimination against the population in other parts of India.
  • Dialogue with the different insurgents groups.
  • A holistic approach to the insurgency problem in the entire Northeast region is required, rather than a piece meal approach.
Improve Connectivity with Balance of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar

To overcome the landlocked status it is essential to improve connectivity with other parts of India, through Bangladesh. There is a need to promote trade and allow freer flow of men and material in the entire region to include Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Economic Development

There is an urgent need to reduce unemployment and improve economy by creating better infrastructure, increasing trade, improving agriculture, establishment of industries, increase in hydroelectric power generation and promotion of tourism.

Reduce Political and Bureaucratic Corruption

This is very difficult to implement because it will imply better monitoring from the centre, increasing transparency and awareness level of the population.

Federal nature of the Nation

India needs to increase her federal nature. Some steps have been initiated in that direction by the centre, like sharing of revenue. This is vital to eliminate the suspicion by which the states view the centre, particularly distant states like Manipur.


A concerted all round effort is required to improve the conditions in Manipur. It is essential to ensure long term integrity of the nation and that the excellent and energetic people of the region contribute positively to the nation, rather than remain involved in fighting against India!

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