How to Improve Mental Muscles?

How to Improve Mental Muscles?

Mental muscles need exercise just like physical muscles. Let us study the ways of how to improve mental muscles and become sharper and more competent.

  • Reading: Reading helps exercise the brain. Greater variety in reading is more helpful. A person who does not read is as good as a person who cannot read!
  • Writing: Writing helps us to clarify our thoughts & become precise in our expression. All persons who are habituated to writing can express their thoughts with much greater clarity vis-a-vis, those who do not write, but have a perception that they have understood whatever they have read.
  • Teaching: Apart from gaining clarity about the subject being taught, the teacher has to anticipate and answer questions. This helps to improve in organizing our thoughts. All my students who have been involved in teaching their younger siblings at home, or taking classes to earn pocket money have a much clearer understanding of their subjects, compared with those who have never taught.
  • Visualizing: Before your mother prepares food tomorrow, she plans for it today. She visualizes. The more clearly she visualizes and the more she learns from her mistakes the more effective she becomes. We can all do this exercise, for most routine to most complex issues. By doing so we would become better planners & organizers. You do not need a degree in MBA to manage the most complex of issues- just need consistent mental exercise in the field chosen.
  • Mind Games: Chess, Scrabble, Crossword, Sudoku are all mind games which improve our thinking. Tests of reasoning are also quite interesting and helpful.


Just as physical muscles atrophy by disuse, our mental muscles also atrophy. The only difference is that the fact is not so apparent. Watching TV is a poor mental activity in general because it does not engage our mind actively. So let us resolve to exercise our mental muscles through a variety of ways, as suggested & reduce time spent in watching TV!

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