Identify and Solve India’s Problems

Identify and Solve India’s Problems

Imagine you are the Prime Minister of India. India is a large and diverse country with numerous problems. Slowing economy, unemployment, farmers’ suicides, terrorism, separatist sentiments, corruption, poor monsoons, inflation, pollution, poor literacy are just a few issues troubling India.

Real Leaders Understand Correct Priorities

Top leaders have a great sense of priorities. I am sure you consider yourself a good leader. Here is a challenge to you:

Challenge: Identify & Suggest Solutions to 5 Problems!

Make a list of just 5 problems in descending order of priority, the resolution of which will make India a better place. After listing the problems describe the solutions to each in not more than 4 lines each. Maybe your recommendations can be sent to PM Modi for implementation! Thus your word limit is restricted to just 25 lines. Share your views on my facebook page: No Frills Academy.
Do not be shy. Please share your views. Let me assure you that PM Modi does not know the answer, nor does any evaluator of IAS exams! You may know better! Ask your friends also to share their views. Good luck!

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