Ill Effects of SSB Coaching

Ill Effects of SSB Coaching

My interaction with SSB aspirants who have received SSB coaching brings to my knowledge some laughably stupid notions which have been ingrained in the minds of the aspirants and are definitely detrimental to their chances of getting selected. I have chosen some common examples to help some of these ‘coached candidates’ overcome the ‘ill effects of coaching’

Pre planned Stories for PPDT and TAT

Quite a few coached candidates, particularly Service candidates, come for SSB with a preconceived, wrong notion that it is not possible to form a story by seeing the photos shown in the allotted time. They hence come with pre planned stories. In fact the situation is so humorous that some Service candidates do not need to be shown a photo, but just need to be given a sheet of paper to write their story! This approach is absolutely stupid. In the stories formed there is little or no link between the photo and the story. In some stories a girl is interpreted as a boy, who joins the Army and is awarded the PVC. The assessors straight away come to know that these stupid stories are a result of coaching. A normal person with decent common sense cannot imagine such stories!

Out Shout Others in GD

One coached candidate told me that he was instructed to be the first speaker in every GD. If he found that the others were also doing the same, then he was to raise his voice so that the others became quiet. Now imagine the ill impact of this stupid advice given to so many candidates resulting in a voice volume match in the SSB, rather than any meaningful discussion! Attempts to out shout others clearly display the following qualities:

  • Lack of care and regard for others.
  • Insecurity and lack of self confidence.

These qualities are suitable grounds to screen out the  coached candidates.

Proclaim Impressive Hobbies

A candidate was coached to proclaim an impressive sporting hobby, to enhance his chances of selection. He had never played any game, other computer games. He bought a Badminton racket, played the game for two weeks, not because he liked Badminton, but because he was desperate to get selected. Now imagine could he have answered any questions convincingly about Badminton to the interviewing officer? The answer is a simple-No!

Problem that I Face with Coached Candidates

Given above are just a few examples of ill effects of coaching on candidates. There are numerous other negative impacts. I have to work patiently to eradicate these ill effects of coaching before any positive developments can be effected in a candidate. This may take from one to three months.

Conclusion: Ill Effects of Coaching

My request to the coaching academies is not to teach such and other wrong things to the candidates. I request the candidates to use their independent thinking in SSB and not get adversely affected by such ill effects of coaching.

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