Importance of Core Personality in Communication

Importance of Core Personality in Communication

In this blog we attempt to explain the importance of core personality in communication.When we communicate with others then:

  • Words account for 7%.
  • 38% is vocal behavior.
  • Over 55% is non-verbal behavior.


Impact of Superficial Personality Aspects on Communication

Our command over language, tone and superficial mannerisms come under the category of superficial aspects of personality. By focusing on these superficial aspects we can at best achieve 45% positive impact.

Impact of Core Personality Aspects on Communication

Over 55% of the impact of our communication depends upon our:

  • Knowledge.
  • Sincerity.
  • Genuine feelings.
  • In short what we are.

Implications of this knowledge

Unfortunately the society tends to focus excessively on the superficial aspects of personality. This knowledge clarifies to us that to improve the impact of our communication it is much more important to improve our core aspects of personality rather than the superficial aspects. It is difficult to improve our core personality aspects and it requires consistent effort to develop some good habits and give up some existing bad ones over a period of time. There are no short cut solutions to improve our core personality. The results would give us great benefits in all our communications and other facets of life as well.
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