Importance of Pull-ups

 Importance of Pull-ups

This blog has been written to help a large number of my students, trainee cadets, and all ranks of the 3 services.

Importance Pull-ups

Being able to pull yourself up is required in various situations in combat life like climbing walls, hills and ropes, slithering from helicopters and so on. All these are important actions. Unfortunately a large number of people cannot perform these tasks satisfactorily primarily because of weak upper- back, biceps, fore-arms and core muscles.
Building the required muscles is quite easy but requires systematic and regular exercising, which most people do not do. In training few cadets get relegated and even withdrawn because of this weakness and incorrect training.

Building Required Muscle Strength

Please remember the following principles to develop strength in these muscles:

  • Muscles Grow at Rest. Upper back muscles require 48 hours of rest to grow. Please provide this much of gap after exercise. Remember rest is as important as exercise for muscle growth.
  • Train Hard. When you train for strength building the ideal number of repetitions is 8-12 in one set. The number of sets should be 8 to 15. In the initial one month you may do only 4-5 sets. Since the weak people cannot do these numbers of repetitions they never train properly. They should adopt the following methods to train these muscles:
    • Adopt the method as shown in the picture.
    • Any machine which provides scope for rowing action while being seated.
    • Rowing with weights can also be done while lying face-down on a bench or while standing with bent back.
    • Negative Pull-ups. With the support of someone reach the pull-up position & then slowly come down.
    • Lateral Pull-down Machine. Use the lateral pull-down machine in the gym & keep increasing the weight till you reach up to your body weight and then start doing normal pull-ups on a rod.
    • There are a large number of exercises for these muscles. Please check on the internet & devise your plan.
Patience for Results

With the above suggested training methodology you can expect definite and measurable improvement in 45-60 days.


Please do not overdo the exercise to get fast results by reducing the recovery period.

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