Important Question Raised by Jinoy Wilson

Important Question Raised by Jinoy Wilson

I am following your blogs and improving myself each day. In the process I have found that I am losing a lot of my best friends and colleagues. I have introspected  this issue to see if it was my fault. It seems I am on the right path: doing my duties as a student and as a son and pursuing my dreams. While my friends are still seeking the old me, but I changed myself a long time back. I don’t want to go back to what I was, just to regain my friends and also, I don’t want to lose them. What should I do?


This is a good question raised as it is affects quite a few of my students.

Nothing Great About Popular Culture

Highlights of Popular Indian Culture:

  • Indian society works for about 22 days in a month.
  • Indian college students depend upon low quality answer keys to clear their exams.
  • Most Indians bank on WhatsApp propaganda of Modi’s IT Cell for news and information.
  • College students do not attend regular classes or study regularly & mug up in the last 7-10 days by studying late nights to pass exams & not to learn their subjects.

This culture is definitely no recipe for growth or success.

Interdependence is a Reality

The reality of the world is that an individual when born goes through the following stages of growth: dependence to independence to interdependence. Interdependence is an undeniable truth of the society. Even the smartest person cannot cut his own hair, stitch his own clothes or treat his own ailment. He needs others. This is a reality.

A man, just like an ant, is a social animal. Relations, social and emotional bonds are essential for our existence. People are important. Relations are important. Friends are important.Our relations with family and friends are very important.

Coming to the Specific Question

Jinoy, you must never lose your friends and also you should not deviate from your principles’ driven life, which is essential for long term success and happiness. What you should do?

Please do this: Activities which enhance your bonding with family and friends must be undertaken. It could be a meal, movie, TV program, joint study or game or whatever.

Please do not do this: Revert back to the lifestyle or adopt the lifestyle which a social group tries to impose upon you & takes you away from your value driven lifestyle. If I had adopted the lifestyle of my Punjabi Boxers or ‘Patiala-peg’ drinking officers I would not have been writing this blog. I am still great friends with my class mates, contemporary Boxers and numerous officers that I had the privilege to serve with. I hope you get the idea?

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