Improving English in Indian Schools

Improving English in Indian Schools

English is the language of global communication. Its knowledge is vital for success in the modern world. The standard of English is poor in Indian schools. In order to gain from India’s ‘demographic dividend’ standard of English needs to be improved drastically. PM Modi would have long since come up with a slogan like, “Be Hindu but know English!” had he not been a big player of ‘Hindu vote bank politics’. English is thus unlikely to receive the due government support in promotion. This blog attempts to suggest practicable methods to improve English in Indian schools.

Sad Facts which Cannot be Changed

  • Conspicuous Government Support. A government supported by ‘Hindutva’- a synonym for ‘Hindu radicals’ is unlikely to promote English education. It will be interesting for the poor masses being fooled to know that the children of these powerful elite, hypocrites study in English medium private schools only.
  • Poor Quality of English Teachers in Government Schools. The quality of English teachers in government schools is poor today and will continue to remain because they have no incentive or threat to improve.

 Private Schools

Private schools can improve the standard of English education by adopting the following means:

  • Quality of Teachers. Private schools can and must hire good quality teachers. It is quite possible.
  • Method of Teaching.
    • Direct method of teaching English has proved to be more effective, rather than translating from the mother tongue to English. This method should be adopted.
    • Group Discussions and debates should be organised in schools to improve the quality of English.
    • Spelling competitions should be held to improve English vocabulary.
    • Essay and précis writing competitions would be a great way to improve English comprehension and written expression.
    • Scrabble and crossword competitions can make increasing English vocabulary and grammar fun.


Teachers and parents should instil the truth about the importance of English to the students and children. This aspect will go a long way in motivating the children to find creative means to improve their knowledge of English language.

Step by Step Method for Students

Whatever your age, whatever your level of competence with the English language the proactive step by step method of improving is the most reliable. It involves doing simple and small things like learning 2 words per day, learning the use of a/an/the in one week, writing one précis per week, speaking for 2 min in front of the mirror on a topic and gradually building up your standard.


Parents, students and teachers should accept the realities which cannot be changed. Private schools should try to utilise some or all of the methods suggested above for improving the standard of English education. Parents and children should understand the importance of English and work proactively and creatively to improve their knowledge of English language.

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  1. Most health cslsaes are taught by PE teachers, so what you want to do probably isn’t the best choice.Special Ed is what is needed, but you have to be able to handle it.Lots of paperwork, but also, lots of kids who will do anything for you.If anything, I agree with a double major. Get what you want, but have a fall back plan.

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