Improving Willpower and Determination

Improving Willpower and Determination

People with good willpower and determination are happier and more successful than those who are weaker in these qualities. It is a vital quality required for most of our difficult endeavours. The quality is far more important than talent. Willpower can be improved. Just the way we can improve our physical muscles, so can we improve our willpower. In this blog we shall discuss simple practical ways to improve our willpower and determination.

Health  is Important 

Willpower is a mental quality. It is however dependent upon the health of the body. A hungry and tired man will display weaker willpower compared with a person with matching inherent qualities who has had a good sleep and is well fed. In our efforts to improve our will power we need the support of healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

Train the Willpower muscle with Small Steps

We can apply the analogy of physical muscles to increasing our willpower and determination by gradually loading the muscle to increase strength. Under training will not help and overtraining will injure the muscle (deplete willpower). If you want to run a marathon from the level of being able to run one km you will find the target overwhelming. This is the problem which causes most people to give up early. They cannot believe that the goal is attainable. It is however, very much possible to add one km, or 500m per week to your current level. In this manner you can reach the capability to run marathon in about one year. Imagine how much physical and mental strength improvement is practicable in one year! If you are impatient with your progress you are likely to end up having abandoned the plan.  Step by step is the right approach to attain our long term goals.

Meditation for Willpower

Regular meditation is a great way to improve willpower. It is a direct way to control our thoughts and prevent them from wandering in an undesired and unproductive manner. Even 10 min per day will help to improve willpower.

Small Steps in Self Control

Plan goals and actions for one hour, or one day and strive to attain them. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone of effort, but do not overdo it. Do not feel frustrated by your rate of progress, but have patience. Reward yourself for little improvement. This will lead to bigger improvements by and by (just like the marathon running logic explained above).

Improve Self Control to Overcome Bad Habits Step by Step

You may be drinking too much tea, gossiping too much, wasting time on social media, overspending, having low attention span, or having any undesirable habit. All these have to be overcome by the small steps method of patience and perseverance. You will not only become a better person, but also would have improved your willpower.

Resist Temptations by Deliberate Distraction or Simple Self Control

Remember the ‘marshmallow’ experiment discussed in my earlier blog-    . You can distract your mind away from temptations by deliberate effort, or if you are confident then just make effort to delay gratification. This is also a good way of improving willpower.


Willpower and determination are vital for success and happiness in our lives. These qualities can be developed by patience and perseverance by taking small steps towards our desired goals. Efforts in this direction will pay great dividends. Many students of No Frills Academy have become much more effective in their personal lives by adopting some of the measures discussed above.

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