Do Indian Army Soldiers Fight for India?

Do Indian Army Soldiers Fight for India?

Generally Indian Army soldiers do not fight for some big cause as   ‘security of India’. The idea of ‘India’ is too far for us to relate to when confronted with danger. We are, however, very close to the following smaller reasons, which make us do brave deeds:

  • To preserve the pride, reputation and name of the platoon or company or battalion one belongs to.
  • To inspire our juniors.
  • To escape being branded a coward by colleagues in the unit and villagers back home.
  • To preserve one ’s self- respect.

Indian Army Soldiers:Ordinary People; No Rambos

An average Indian Army soldier is an ordinary person who lives in a culture and environment which keeps reminding him of the past glories and valor of the platoon, company or battalion, which are often exaggerated. The soldier is unable to distinguish the exaggeration from the truth and believes it all to be true.
I commanded ‘Laungewala’ Battalion made famous by the movie, “Border”. I have met so many of the historic persons, including Maj Chandpuri ( Brig Chandpuri), MVC. The heroes will hardly strike you as exceptional brave hearts or ‘Rambos’. There were no Sunny Deol like displays of bravado or inspiring speech making, as depicted in the movie. They are ordinary people. The truth is that in the given circumstances they remained united, hid their inner fears, (mind you, not overcame their fears!) and performed an extra-ordinary and historic feat of valor. In a desperate bid to survive and preserve their self-respect they did themselves, the battalion, the Indian Army and India proud!
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