Indian Students are Overburdened?

Indian Students are Overburdened?

Interaction with the students, as well as parents reveals a common misperception that the students today are overburdened by studies. Corollary of this perception is that students have no time to play games or to read out of syllabus books. In this blog, “Indian Students are Overburdened?” I have attempted to eradicate this misperception.

Observations reveal that students are overburdened is a myth:
  • Students who had to finance their own education by teaching tuition classes for children & did other work perform better!
  • Students with clear goals, ambitions & growing in harsh socio-economic conditions perform better!
  • Some good disciplined sports persons who got less time for classes, because of their involvement in matches, travel, etc, performed as well as other students!
It is no empirical study, but only observations which suggest the following apparent truths:
  • That students  are overburdened is an absolute fallacy, because the students who have much greater responsibilities & growing with socio-economic hardships, are working to support their education, or are involved in games perform better.
  • The major problem is poor motivation & clarity of goals, rather than any overburden.
  • A corollary of the above is inefficient utilization of time for studies, or for that matter overall in life!


 Eradicating the myth: Indian Students are Overburdened?

From the perspective of parents:

Please do not feel that your children are overburdened by the load of studies. The problem with the children is non clarity of goals & inefficient time management. They should be encouraged to read broadly & play games. They should be given greater responsibilities at home & not less!

From the perspective of students:

Eradicate the misconception from their minds that they are overburdened by studies. Become clearer about goals in life & learn efficient time management. Read broadly & play games. Take greater responsibilities at home. If possible, from college onwards try to finance their own education.
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