India’s Marketing by PM Modi

India’s Marketing by PM Modi

Highlights of India’s Marketing by PM Modi in his 4 days visit to US were the following:

  • Modi aimed to deepen ties with the US technology sector and boost India’s digital infrastructure.
  • The PM invited investment from prominent US CEOs.
  • The PM urged the Indian Diaspora to play a greater role in India’s development.
  • The two nations resolved to broaden cooperation in the fields of defence, intelligence, counter terrorism, Afghanistan, space exploration and science.
  • Google committed to bring broadband to 500 Indian railway stations. Microsoft committed to connect 500,000 villages with the company’s low-cost broadband technology.

With his untiring zeal for marketing brand India, Modi in his short tenure as the PM has emerged as India’s biggest marketer. This, in my perception, is the biggest achievement of his foreign visits. To understand the gains of his US visit let us understand as to what is the relevance of India and US to each other.

 USA’s Relevance for India. US is seen as:
  • Sole super power having great hard and soft power.
  • Source of support in case of potential problems with China.
  • Source of defence/ nuclear technology and equipment.
  • Source of digital technology, with a large Indian Diaspora.
  • Source of investments required for development and job creation.
 India’s Relevance for US. India is seen as:
  • Fastest growing major economy.
  • Strategic counter balance for China.
  • Supporter to safeguard USA’s interests in Afghanistan against Taliban and Pakistan.
  • Large consumer market.
  • Stable democracy.
  • Good market for defence/ nuclear technology and equipment. S. companies are eyeing $3.5 billion worth of defence and aerospace deals.
  • Good investment destination for corporate with large, young population.
  • India’s plans for smart cities and a “Digital India” program with an outlay of Rs. 100,000 crores over the next five years are an attraction for US corporate.

India’s Marketing by PM Modi

Modi has proved a master marketer abroad and this is great for his image in the eyes of the Indian middle class and NRIs. His approval rating is soaring. India is in dire need of marketing. Marketing is important because it generates  conditions and circumstances that lead to actual policy triumphs.  The domestic audience is very important because India needs a drastic change in her approach to key areas, especially after decades of doing things another way. It is hard to shake a bureaucratic system from decades of complacency and habit. Modi’s task is not too dissimilar to Deng Xiaoping’s in the first few years after 1978: he must insistently build a new consensus drastically different from the existing culture. India has failed to be portrayed as an attractive country in multiple realms. Of course, marketing alone will not change this, but marketing goes hand in hand with policy improvements.  Marketing advertises, reinforces, and places a positive spin on existing facts. In the information age, virtually all forms of information put some sort of spin or the other on facts. It is beneficial for any country to generate a positive rather than a negative spin to facts!

Mutual Benefits

 India stands to benefit from the growth generated by US investment and technical partnerships. US stands to benefit from a stronger and more prosperous India. In the current global and domestic Indian environment India’s marketing by PM Modi is a timely action.

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