India’s Strategy to Counter Pakistan

India’s  Strategy to Counter Pakistan

India has lacked a coherent and consistent policy to counter Pakistan. It is high time that we evolved such a policy. Indian public sentiment is rightly against a reactionary or pacifist policy against Pakistan. In this blog an attempt is made to recommend a coherent, consistent and proactive policy for Pakistan.

Understanding Pakistan and International Actions

  • Pakistan is an Enemy. Indians should realize that Pakistan is continuing a war with India. The intensity of this war has waxed and waned but not ended.
  • No Good or Bad Pakistanis only Enemies.
    • All Pakistanis should be treated like enemies.
    • The distinction that Pakistani Army and terrorists are bad while civilians, sports-persons and artists are good should be given up.
  • Call Pakistan’s Nuclear Bluff. India had called Pakistan’s nuclear bluff in the Kargil war. It should not deter military action in POK in the future.
  • Ignore Chinese Military Collusion with Pakistan. China is a sensible and responsible power, focused on economic growth. It has displayed a consistent foreign policy. China’s concern is the security of the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). China is unlikely to support proxy war being conducted by Pakistan and deliberate provocations of Indian military. Thus limited actions against Pakistani Army and terrorists are unlikely to invite any Chinese military response.
  • If US and Israel can Act Proactively, then so Can India. US and Israel have proactively undertaken retaliatory strikes against enemies and terrorists. India should also do the same without overly worrying about world opinion.
  • Pakistan: Dysfunctional Country: Heading towards Implosion. India should not make any efforts to help create a stable and progressive Pakistan, but aid its early implosion.

Don’t Repeat Past Mistakes

  • Attempts to Improve Relations with Pakistan are Waste of Time. Efforts by Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh and Modi have proved futile. India should not waste time on such efforts.
  • Operation Parakram (Military Deployment in 2001-02). While 527 soldiers were killed during the Kargil conflict in 1999, India lost 798 soldiers without going to war during Operation Parakram. India also suffered numerous civilian casualties due to own mines. This was a serious mistake and should not be repeated.
  • Sustain Pressure on Pakistan. Diplomatic, economic and military pressure must be proactively maintained on Pakistan. Whenever India has reduced pressure on Pakistan, it has reciprocated with terrorist strikes. Pressure on Pakistan should be sustained till it disintegrates.
  • Pakistani Leaders are Liars: Pakistani leadership has historically lied to India and the world. It makes sense to not trust Pakistani leaders.
  • Change of Pakistan Policy with Change of Power. Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh and now Modi are all guilty of trying to prove historically great leaders for brokering peace with Pakistan. Recent efforts of Modi showed that he was trying to alter the consistent enmity shown by Pakistan towards India. Indian needs a proactive leader who should try to record his name in history for being responsible for promotion of disintegration of Pakistan.


Recommended Actions

  • Get in War Mode.No declaration of war against Pakistan is required. We should take all measures taken upon declaration of war:
    • Terminate all diplomatic and commercial ties with Pakistan.
    • Unilaterally abrogate Indus Water treaty and create hardships for enemy- Pakistan.
    • Legitimize killing of Pakistani combatants, seizure of property and apprehension of combatants.
    • Feel free to undertake military actions in POK on terrorists.
  • Sustain Military Offensive.Proactive and offensive stance is not proposed for a few months but for a period of about 5 years, or less, in case Pakistan begs forgiveness in a shorter time frame.
  • Proactive Military Strikes and 3-4 Times Higher Retaliation. India should continue proactive military strikes on Pakistan as a routine measure. Any terrorist or military strike must be retaliated with 3-4 times greater intensity. Army and Air Force should be freely used against Pakistan.
  • Bleed Pakistan. Promote bleeding of Pakistan Army with collusion with Baloch freedom struggle and act against Pakistan Army and Pakistan sponsored terrorists through active military support of Afghanistan.
  • Replicate Osama Bin Laden Killing. India should replicate Osama Bin Laden killing by US by killing Dawood and Hafiz Saeed within one year inside Pakistan. If India can spend crores on Ajmal Kasab, a Rs 100 crores budget ‘supari’ to kill these terrorists will be highly worth it.
  • Coerce Pakistan to Beg for Peace. By consistent military strikes India should coerce Pakistan to beg for peace. India should impose following conditions for peace:
    • Handing over of all terrorists facing charges in India.
    • One year of proof of non –promotion of terrorism by Pakistan.
    • Destruction of all terrorist camps in Pakistan controlled territory.
  • Strengthen Peace Constituency. India should try to strengthen the hands of the sane constituency which wants peaceful relations with India through all overt and covert means.
  • India must proactively promote the disintegration of Pakistan.
  • India should proactively work to dismantle the strangle hold of the Army, terrorists and Islamic radicals over Pakistan through all overt and covert means.
  • India should promote diplomatic isolation of Pakistan in all fora.


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